Warframe How to Defeat Ballas Boss

Warframe Archon Ballas Boss

Ballas is the last boss that you will be facing in The New War and this fight will consist of two phases that require you to follow a sequence that can take him down.

Early the Lotus attempted to take down Ballas but was not strong enough and during the fight she will be present and vulnerable, requiring that you protect her as well.

Fighting Ballas

Ballas will be invulnerable most of the fight, so you will need to follow the same steps each time before you can dish out some damage to him.

The first phase will have Ballas in control of the Lotus, forcing her to attack you until you can help her break free from his influence.

During the second phase, you will need to avoid his attacks and later deal damage to him when he becomes vulnerable.

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How To Defeat Ballas Boss?

There will first be a cutscene before you will fight Ballas and it is here that he takes the last remaining power from the lotus.

Ballas will take control of the lotus in the first phase and she will begin to attack you blindly until you can help her break free from his control.

Phase 1

A barrier will be protecting Ballas as the Lotus will continuously go after you and attack you with her Void beam, forcing you out of your Warframe if you are hit.

You will need to use your Operator during this phase to deflect her beams to hit the floating orbs that are surrounding the fight area.

Each time you destroy one of the orbs, Ballas’ subjects will spawn in the area and attack you, which you must clear out.

You will need to repeat the process of deflecting the Lotus’ attacks and destroying orbs before the next phase will begin.

Phase 2

The Lotus will have collapsed to the ground in the second phase and Ballas will now be attacking you with his lasers which are firing across the ground until they reach you.

You will need to move in front of orbs that have respawned and will need to avoid the lasers from Ballas and make them hit the orbs.

Once an orb has been destroyed, you will be able to damage Ballas, allowing you to drain one of his health bars every time.

You will have to hurry up once an orb has been destroyed as Ballas will attack the Lotus, which requires you to quickly act to save her.

Repeat this four times to completely deplete his health, which will cause another cutscene to play, leading to Ballas’ demise and the near end of The New War quest.


The fight against Ballas does not involve much of your gear but rather your skill in evading and figuring out how to stop him.

You can successfully defeat Ballas just by using your Operator as you will mostly be knocked out of your Warframe anyway.

Defeating Ballas will lead to the conclusion of The New War quest and is considered the last encounter you have with him, revealing a new threat later on.

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