Warframe Promo Codes December 2023 (All Platforms)

Promo codes are that can be entered via the Warframe website to unlock special Ingame rewards such as equipment, slots, glyphs, boosters and more.

These can only be used once per account and some promo codes are only usable for one account, if they are specific codes.

There are codes though that can be used by everyone and others that are unique and only usable per people’s account which can be obtained as special promos from certain sites.

How to Redeem Promo Codes in Warframe Website?

Image Shows Warframe Website

To use promo codes, you must first log into your account at the Warframe website. So, you can move forward to using the code or codes that you have acquired.

Image Shows Where to Apply Promo Code in the Warframe Website

Once you have logged in proceed by hovering your cursor to the store section and select promo codes which will bring you to the promo codes page where you will be prompted to input your code.

Image Shows the Promo Code Submit Option

Once you are in the promo codes pages, type the code or codes that you have and submit them one at a time in order to redeem the Ingame rewards for them.

After entering all the codes and submitting them, open Warframe and login then you will have your rewards.

There is no restriction on platforms. But make sure that you are redeeming the code using an account that is connected to the platform you are using.

Where to Get Promo Codes?

  1. Promo codes may be given out during Devstreams and some times the codes may also be shared on the official Warframe Twitter account (@PlayWarframe) by the Digital Extremes team and more. So, keeping a heads up with when it comes to checking on Warframe every now and then will not only keep you updated with the latest events but also allow you a chance to discover new codes.
  2. Some sites will have codes and will give them for free at the cost of nothing or for just signing up with their websites such as gaming sites, gaming gear sites and more.
  3. Steel Series is currently giving away free booster packs and you can log in to receive your promo code. https://games.steelseries.com/ucf/show/13983/boards/promotions/Giveaway/warframe-booster-pack
  4. You can also follow the Warframe forum this thread to know the active codes.

If you are too lazy to visit the forum and get the active Glyph codes, then below are the codes that we have collected for you from the forum.

Just click on any of the below promo code it will take you to the respective page, where the code will be already displayed in the input box. So, just click on Submit Code button

Updated on December 1st’ 2023

Active Glyph Codes

Active Non-Glyph Codes

Expired Codes

We will try to make this post as active as possible. So, will keep only the active ones here. If you had found any expired codes from the above list, kindly mention it in the comment section. We will move those Warframe Glyphs codes to expired section.

Note: In some cases, a new promocode may not work, if it’s added along with the PC update. This is due to that new code might not reached the consoles. So, make sure to try the code once the console patch has been done.

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    • Hi there, usually the codes will work unless they are only available until a certain date or you may already have the item that they unlock. This may also depend if you put the code in correctly, it should tell you if the code is not usable anymore, is not valid or if you have already redeemed the code.


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