Visage: Chapter 2 Puzzle Solutions Guide

This guide will go over each of the mirror puzzles in chapter 2 of Visage (Dolores’s chapter).

Mirror 1: Second Floor, By Boy’s Room

  1. Break the floorboards and fall down.
  2. Pick up the poem on the chair, notice the three phrases underlined: “two-sided moon,” “clouded-vision,” and “guilty shadow.”
  3. Look at the bodies hanging in the room; find the ones with the drawings of an eye, a moon, and a shadow, and remember their locations. (Two in the back – center and right corner; one at the front right corner).
  4. Go upstairs (to the left).
  5. Go to the middle of the room, where the light is. Pick up crank.
  6. Use the crank to open the skylights over the openings above the bodies with the eye, moon, and shadow.
  7. Go downstairs and jump down the hole that has opened up in the middle of the floor.
  8. Proceed through the tunnel until you get to the opening; jump out, and leave through the door.

Mirror 2: Basement Closet (Across from Storage Room)

  1. If you’ve not done the mirror on the second floor, by the boy’s room, you need to do that first.
  2. Go through the crawlspace in the wall.
  3. Open the door; crouch and crawl through the pile of crosses, falling down through a hole in the floor.
  4. Jump out of the opening on the other side of the tunnel.
  5. If you want an easter egg: Go to the door behind you and grab a cross to carry with you up the stairs.
  6. Once up the stairs, go to the left and use the crank on the lift.
  7. Walk to the front, where Jesus on the cross is, and remove the knife stuck in Jesus.
  8. Turn around, walk to the hole in the floor. Take the cross you brought up the stairs to lay across the hole.
  9. Walk across the cross and open the door (for an easter egg).
  10. After the cutscene, you can jump down the hole. Go back through the crawl space in the wall and leave the mirror.

Mirror 3: Second Floor Office (Across from Parents’ Room)

  1. If you’ve not done the mirror in the basement closet yet, you must do that first.
  2. Walk in front of George (sitting dead in the chair in the study).
  3. Pick up the IV bag.
  4. Place the knife in George’s chest.
  5. Pick up the key George drops.
  6. Walk to the far side of the room, to the book cases.
  7. “Interact” with the wall; a secret door will push open, revealing a locked door.
  8. Use the key to unlock the door and enter the room.
  9. Go to the small table; open the box and take out the mobile toy and the tape.
  10. Leave the room.
  11. When George starts walking toward you, go back into the room and shut the door. He will despawn.

Mirror 4: First Floor TV Room (Near Glass Doors Connecting to Dining Room)

  1. If you’ve not done the mirror in the second floor office yet, you need to do that first.
  2. Before going downstairs to the first floor TV room mirror, go to the parents’ room and knock down the picture hanging on the wall near the light switch.
  3. Look through the peephole.

4. Take a picture of the 3 paintings hanging up or memorize them or write yourself a note.

5. Go to the TV room on the first floor; walk toward the glass doors that connect to the dining room; mirror will be on your right.

6. Go down the ladder.

7. Look on the wall to your right; one of the paintings should match one of the ones you saw through the peephole. Grab it and take it with you.

8. Walk forward into the darkness, then turn left and walk into the bigger room.

9. Place the painting in your hand on the far wall across from the door, in the position that it matched in the peephole.

10. Once placed, turn around and go to the painting on the far left corner (toward the door), you will see the second painting you need.

11. The third painting will be on the floor, near the wall where you hang the paintings.

12. Once you have them in the proper order, a secret door will open.

13. Go into the room and place the IV fluid (that you got from the mirror world study, up in the office on the second floor), on the IV pole.

14. Pick up mobile toy on the bed.

Mirror 5: Basement, Next to the Wardrobe (Across from Mannequin)

1. Dolores will ask you to get her “special tea.”

2. Be sure to pick up the key that is sitting on the corner of the table, before leaving.

3. Also, there is a tape on the countertop.

4. Go to the attic (use the hook to open the attic); the tea box is in the corner behind the rocking chair and labeled with “Sun and Tea.”

5. Take the tea to Dolores in the mirror.

6. After the cutscene, pick up the crowbar and mobile toy (in the teacup).

Mirror 6: Basement Hallway

1. If you have not gotten the crowbar from the mirror in the basement, next to the wardrobe, across from the mannequin, you must go do that mirror first.

2. Take the crowbar up the ladder and use it on the window.

3. Pick up the compass.

Mirror 7: Basement Stairs Leading to Dining Room

1. If you have not gotten the compass from the mirror in the basement hallway that has the bathroom, you must do that first.

2. Take the compass and follow it out of the park, and down the road to the left.

3. Enter the cemetery and pick up the flower on the bench to the left.

4. Follow the path to the statue in the center and then to the left.

5. You should see occasional flowers on the benches as you continue to follow the walkway.

6. You will come to an area that looks almost like a dead end, however look to the right and you will see an area that is a bit open.

7. Walk to the open grave and “interact.”

8. After the cutscene, open the box and crouch and pick up the mobile toy.

9. Follow the walkway back the way you came, to the statue in the center.

10. Now follow the pathway to the right; it’ll lead you up.

11. If you want an easter egg: Before entering the gate at the top, there is a little path to the right, follow it down, to the dead end, you will get an easter egg. Once you get the easter egg, return back the way you came, until you get to the gate at the top.

12. Go through the gate and go to the door of the mausoleum to the right and push it open.

Mirror 8: Progress Room

1. The mirror is on the right wall after entering the progress room.

2. Walk to the baby in the center of the room and take the sphere.

3. Take the sphere to the garage and break it open with the vice that’s on the workbench.

4. You can open the piece of paper (when you examine it, right click to read the note). You need this note for another puzzle.

Mirror 9: First Floor Hallway (where Felix clock used to be)

1. If you have not done the mirror in the progress room and broken the sphere, you need to do that first.

2. The note that was in the sphere answers all four puzzles in this room. The four puzzles are the picture plates, the clocks, the windows, and the candle holders.

3. Once you get the audio click that signals each puzzle is complete, you will be able to get the baby monitor.

4. Take the baby monitor to the parents’ room and turn it on; listen to the code. (I recommend writing it down; as long as you have the code, you can drop the baby monitor so it does not take up inventory space).

Mirror 10: Second Floor Bathroom

1. If you have not done the puzzle with the picture plates, clocks, windows, and candles (in a first floor mirror), you must do that first.

2. Either have the code written down or take the baby monitor with you into this mirror.

3. Once you get to the center where the 4 hallways connect, pick up the audio tape on the small table where the baby monitor base is sitting.

4. Then look up at the clocks above each hallway. The clock faces will tell you which order to go through the hallways (based on the code). So, for example, the first number of the code is “5,” so go through the hallway with the clock showing “5:00” on it.

5. Once you’ve gone through the hallways in the proper order, go through the door that is before you and “interact” with the phonograph.

6. After the cutscene, leave the room and follow the path all the way downstairs until you get to the phonograph again.

7. Take the crank from the phonograph.

8. Leave the room; you’ll be in the basement.

9. Follow the long umbilical cord on the floor; it will eventually lead you to the progress room.

10. Go through the progress room mirror again and walk up to the crib.

11. Pick up the baby and leave the progress room.

12. Take the baby to Dolores in the old-timey, crooked, decrepit “progress” room, and give the baby to Dolores in the confessional.

13. After the cutscene, take the mobile toy from the cross.

14. Go to the parents’ room and place the toy on the mobile.

Mirror 11: Basement, Next to Electric Room

1. In order to unlock this door, you had to go through all the other mirrors and solve their puzzles, and collect all the mobile toys.

2. Place all the mobile toys on the mobile in the parents’ room.

3. After the cutscene, take the key and open the music box on the floor (in the parents’ room) next to the end table where the audio tape recorder is.

4. Pick up the vinyl album.

5. Go to the phonograph in the basement.

6. Place the vinyl album and the phonograph crank on the phonograph.

7. Turn the crank.

8. Music should start playing in the mirror room and the door should now be unlocked.

9. Once you go through the mirror and go in the door, let the music guide you. If you hear growling, you’re going the wrong way.

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Written by: Dannibal

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