Hidden Expensive Items in Teardown

Below you can find the hidden items in the game Teardown


Picked up banana worth $400

[compaign map] crawl into the furnace, shoot it if you can’t fit, go into the cave, eat banana.

450$ Antique Sword

There is no door to this one, to get it you’re gonna have to break the wall shown in the screenshot.

400$ Pirate Dagger

It’s in between two rooms upstairs hidden behind the wall.

400$ Bag Full of Cash

get on the table and smash the ceiling down

400$ Treasure

Get to the attic by breaking the ceiling

250$ Camera

On the roof, you can get there by climbing the highest corner and shooting the roof with the shotgun

250$ Item

250$ Coin Collection

Hidden in the corner, second floor

120$ Valuables

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