Phasmophobia: Mouse & Keyboard Controls



E: Pick Items up
G: Drop Items
Q: Swap between Items
Mouse L Click: Turn on light switch
Mouse L Click (Hold): Open Door – Hold and move mouse back and forth / Rotate object
Mouse R Click: Primary Use (Turn on UV light, take picture, etc)
F: Secondary Use (Place camera down, book down, etc.)
L: Opens your log book
C: Toggle Crouch
Shift: “Run” (heavy emphasis on the “)
V: Local Push to Talk
B: Global Push to Talk
T: Flashlight (Separate from flashlight item, doesn’t work when the flashlight is out and I believe you need to have the flashlight as an item although not pulled out for it to work with the other items)
J: Journal

J is the key to open Journal*
Journal = to input evidence and answer to the GHOST TYPE

Local Push to Talk = only can hear by players nearby
Global Push to Talk = walkie talkie*

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Written by: KeyserSoze

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