Teardown: How to Make & Fly The UFO

How to create a fast, controllable flying machine.

Building the UFO

Step 1:

Make a plank and break off one end, so it is not attached to anything.

Step 2:

Attach three more planks, so it makes a square. It is very important that the square is as symmetrical as possible because the UFO will tip over if it’s not.

Step 3:

Add diagonal planks to attach opposite corners.

Step 4:

Add a little plank to connect the top and bottom diagonals.

Flying the UFO

To fly the UFO, stand near the center of it and grab the top bar. Do not stand directly in the center because you can’t face directly down, so you would go flying in one direction. You should be slowly going up, and if you’re not, try jumping a few times or grabbing the plank in a different place.
Once you are hovering, you can use wads to move around. To go down, crouch, but don’t do it for too long because the UFO will fall faster than you. If the UFO tilts, move your mouse and walk in opposite directions to balance it (example of this in the video below). It is hard to get used to, but once you get going, this is probably the fastest way to move accurately in the game.
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Written by: LordElectrius

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