Apex Legends: Legends Overview

Legends are playable characters found in apex legends, each one has a unique set of abilities which in term provide weaknesses and strengths, legends aim to fulfil some form of role and are designated the type of:

  • Recon
  • Defensive
  • Support
  • Offensive

Since a team contains three legends (two in duos) it is impossible to get one of each type of legend into a team.

Each legend typically will have a TYPE, TACTICAL, PASSIVE and ULTIMATE. The type property is the only one which is shared across legends, hitbox size is non-uniform and will be considered in each legend’s breakdown. Legend rating is based on professional use rates and consultation with tier one players. [E<->A + S].

  • For type and hitbox properties, these are…
  • Fortified type: 15% reduced damage and no slows
  • Neutral type: Standard slows and damage taken
  • Low Profile type: 5% increased damage but minimalized hitbox
  • Giant hitbox: Only for Gibraltar currently who has an incredibly large hitbox
  • Large, medium and small hitboxes: assessed per legend.

Additionally legends may have the recon property, this allows them to interact with survey beacons.

Legend 1 Bloodhound:

  • Bloodhound
  • Type: Neutral & Recon
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Tracker

Record enemy actions from up to 90 seconds ago, this includes gunfire, enemies dying and the use of abilities as well as footprints.

Eye of the Allfather (25s)

  • Create a cone that extends approximately 60 degrees in all directions from your current point of view, it extends around 75 metres Infront and magnifies your trackers tracks, it will also highlight enemies within the range. Further to this it also highlights objects of interest including loot ticks, enemy traps, animals and movement devices.
  • 1.8s activation time, cannot be cancelled.
  • Enemies highlighted are alerted with a notification.

Beast of the hunt (180s)

  • 2s approx. activation, 35 second duration
  • Extended by between 5 and 15 seconds depending on how little time is left, the less time remaining the larger the bonus.
  • Increases tactical (Eye of the Allfather)`s abilities by halving activation time and reducing base cooldown from 35s to 8s
  • Vision is made greyscale and you gain digital threat vision with infinite range.
  • The ring is still somewhat colored along with some abilities.
  • Increases movement speed by 30%

Rating: A

Legend 2 Gibraltar:

  • Gibraltar
  • Type: Fortified
  • Hitbox: Giant

Passive: Gun Shield

  • Aiming down sights activates a shield that covers the chest area with 50 health, it regenerates fully 9s after taking damage.

Tactical: Dome of protection (?s)

  • Throws down a small plate that produces a dome, the dome is solid however players can walk through it, all other projectiles, traps, grenades, ect will be blocked by the dome as if it were solid terrain. Players touching the bubble may take damage as usual from both sides.
  • Reduces the time to use healing items by [?]%
  • Gibraltar revives allies 20% faster In the dome (5s -> 4s)

Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment (?s)

  • Throws a sensor nade that calls in an orbital bombardment, each exploding projectile does 40 damage after landing within its own range and applies stun for 6s. Each individual projectile spawned in this range has a red circle indicator.

Rating: S

Legend 3 Lifeline:

  • Lifeline
  • Type: Low Profile
  • Hitbox: Small

Passive: Combat Revive

  • Reviving allies spawns a D.O.C drone that also has a forward facing shield that blocks all damage. Lifeline does not need to continue reviving the ally. Max 1 at a time, lifeline can manually revive a second ally.

Tactical: D.O.C drone (45s)

  • Toss out a drone that heals nearby allies over time at a rate of 7.5/s and can heal a total of 150hp. The drone is destroyed after taking damage twice from nox gas or the ring.

Ultimate: Care Package (?s)

  • Calls down a care package, this device must have line of sight to the sky and be unobstructed, the care package is solid and cannot be destroyed. It deals crush damage if it lands on an enemy (instant elimination) the package contains one medical item and two other purple or above items, these can be basic items or weapon parts, including the illusive sniper digital threat scope which is exclusive to this package or extremely rarely from neutral care packages.

Rank: S

Legend 4 Pathfinder:

  • Pathfinder
  • Type: Low Profile & Recon
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Insider information

  • Using survey beacons fully charges ultimate and reduces its cooldown by 10s

Tactical: Grapple shot (10-35s)

  • Throws out a grapple hook that pulls pathfinder towards it, strafing mid-air applies tension to the wire and allows pathfinder to move at and angle to the central point.
  • Tension can build momentum which is transferred to pathfinder even after the grapple detaches, strafe jumping on the floor can carry this momentum a long distance, in some cases more than 200 metres.
  • Cooldown based upon travel distance, minimum 10s.

Ultimate: Zipline Gun (120s-10s per beacon scanned)

  • Fires a zipline that is up to 100m long that can be used by anyone
  • You can jump onto the zipline 3 times before touching the ground again

Rank: A

Legend 5 Wraith:

  • Wraith
  • Type: Low Profile
  • Hitbox: Small

Passive: Voices from the void

  • Passively get warned about danger, when enemies aim down sights after a short delay a “voice from the void” will alert you, it will specify either “shooter” for short to medium weapons. “sniper” for snipers and “danger” if many enemies aim at you.
  • For any player placed traps you will be warned “enemies have laid traps” with a somewhat short proximity range.

Tactical: Phase (?s)

  • After a ?s delay enter the void, become intangible and gain a 30% movement speed buff for ?s, you cannot open doors during this period.
  • When used during wraiths ultimate, activation is instant.

Ultimate: Interdimensional rift (150s)

  • Create a tunnel up to 75m long through the void, upon touching the portal players will be taken to the other side rapidly, all players transferring through this portal are intangible.
  • The portal will collapse if both sides are inside of the ring and after 60 seconds.


Legend 6 Bangalore:

  • Bangalore
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Double time

  • Getting shot or having a nade thrown nearby at Bangalore will provide a 30% speed boost for a short time.

Tactical: Smoke launcher (30s*2)

  • Launches a smoke RPG that splits into three on contact with a surface, each smoke bomb can deal 10 damage but enemies can only be hit by one per tactical. Leaves a thick smoke field behind that obscures vision, can be negated by digital threat vision.

Ultimate: Air Strike (?s)

  • Throw a flare that calls in an air strike, each projectile detonates 6s after hitting the ground and deals 40 damage and applies shell shock for 8s that obscures vision and hinders movement.

Rank: D

Legend 7 Caustic:

  • Caustic
  • Type: Fortified
  • Hitbox: Large

Passive: Nox Vision

  • Gain digital threat vision vs enemies inside of your nox gas, vision is not obscured in any way by nox gas, you are immune to all nox gas.

Tactical: Nox gas trap (30s*3)

  • Throw out a short range gas canister, once inflated it will activate when an enemy is nearby dealing (6+1*(tick*number of gas sources)) damage per second. Damage capped at 14 damage per tick.
  • Gas will break fence nodes and enemy interception pylons, deals minor damage to amped cover and Shiela miniguns.

Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade (?s)

  • Identical function to gas traps with longer throw range and instant detonation.
  • Area of effect and duration doubled

Rating: B

Legend 8 Mirage:

  • Mirage
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Now you see me…

  • Gain invisibility when reviving or respawning allies, also for a short duration after being knocked down. Being knocked down also leaves a decoy behind also.

Tactical: Psyche out (15s)

  • Spawns a decoy, it looks identical to mirage and has 45hp, it can be tethered to mirage by pressing the same button as tactical and untethered again with the same key. It does not leave footsteps.

Ultimate: Life of the party (45s)

  • Creates a ring of 8 decoys that are tethered to mirage and mimic his actions, gain brief invisibility while this ability casts.

Rating: D

Legend 9 Octane:

  • Octane
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Swift mend

  • While out of combat, heal 1hp per second

Tactical: Stim (10hp)

  • Gain a 30% movement speed and incoming slows are reduced by half.

Ultimate: Bounce Pad (60s)

  • Throws out a bounce pad that has 200hp, it launches players that touch it.
  • Players launched can jump a second time mid air with a smaller boost.

Rating: C

Legend 10 Wattson:

  • Wattson
  • Type: low Profile
  • Hitbox: Small

Passive: Spark of genius

  • Enemies crossing your fences reveal their position, Being affected by an interception pylon quadruples the recharge rate of your tactical, Ultimate accelerants fully charge your ultimate.

Tactical: Perimeter security (30s*4)

  • Place fence nodes with 25hp, they pop up a tall electrical fence when linked, each node can link twice. Enemies that pass through it while active take 15 damage and get the shocked debuff.

Ultimate: Interception pylon (90s)

  • Places an interception pylon with 150hp that lasts for 45s. It heals 2 shields per second to all players in range. The pylon will intercept and destroy all forms of air strikes and grenades.

Rating: S

Legend 11 Crypto:

  • Crypto
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Neurolink

  • Scans all enemies within range of HACK and shares this information with your allies.

Tactical: HACK (30s?)

  • Summon a drone that can be controlled by crypto with 60hp, it has a sonar with 30m range facing forwards, it has a standard cone of view (90 degrees).
  • HACK can also use survey beacons, respawn beacons and deathbox banners.
  • Enemies being watched by hack are alerted.

Ultimate: Drone EMP (120s?)

  • Hack glows blue and emits an aura for five seconds warning all players in its range that its emp is charging.
  • Once full, activate an EMP that deals 50 shield damage and instantly destroys all enemy placed traps and equipment, amped cover will only lose its shields, Shielas are damaged but also stunned. Enemies get the shocked debuff.

Rank: A

Legend 12 Revenant:

  • Revenant
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Stalker

  • Climb twice as fast and far, sneaking is as fast as walking, even when healing or knocked down. Crouch is very quiet.

Tactical: Silence Grenade (?s)

  • Hold to ready grenade, release to throw.
  • Deals 10 damage and blocks enemy abilities for 15 seconds if they are hit.

Ultimate: Death totem (?s)

  • Spawn a death totem with 50hp, all legends that interact with it get the Death protection buff for ?s.
  • Buff is lost if the totem is destroyed.
  • Shields are disabled for this duration.
  • Legends will not be knocked down but instead brought back to the totem with half their hp at the time of activation.
  • All abilities and passives (Except health or shield regeneration) still work during this ultimate.
  • Being silenced will not cancel this ultimate.

Rank: B

Legend 13 Loba:

  • Loba
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Large

Passive: Eye for quality

  • You can see purple (level 3) or higher items through walls and can ping these items for your team
  • Range is based on the current magnification of your weapon, if any.

Tactical: Jump Drive (30s)

  • Throws a jump drive up to 85m horizontally that will teleport Loba to it when it hits the ground. Moves at approx 40m/s and the tactical key bind can be pressed again to quadruple the effect of gravity on the hoop.

Ultimate: Black market boutique (90s)

  • Throws down a black market with 100hp, 33% damage resistance and leg property.
  • The market acts like a storefront and can steal up to two items from 135m away.
  • Creates a large explosion sound when initially placed that can be heard from far away.
  • You can take unlimited ammo from the black market.

Rank: C

Legend 14 Rampart:

  • Rampart
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Modded loader

  • Increases the mag size of all LMG`s and increases reload and handling speed by 15%

Tactical: Amped cover (?s*4)

  • 3s use time
  • Produces a small barrier with a shielded top that increases outgoing damage by 20%
  • Shield has 180hp, wall has 400
  • Destroyed in one hit if struck before fully constructed

Ultimate: “Sheila” Minigun Turret (120s)

  • Places down a minigun with 400 hp that can be used by anyone.
  • Has a 1-3x scope
  • 150 mag capacity (173 for rampart) and 1.25s wind up time
  • Deals 240dps (244.6 for rampart), 293 behind amped cover.
  • Takes a further 1.25s to fully choke the spread after firing starts

Rank: C

Legend 15 Horizon:

  • Horizon
  • Type: Neutral
  • Hitbox: Medium

Passive: Spacewalk

  • Effect of stuns from falling are reduced, movement mid-air is much faster.

Tactical: Gravity Lift (15s)

  • Throw down a gravity lift, it will raise up any legends in its range and hinder their movement. Can be used as a movement tool and offensive item.
  • Lasts 15 seconds and is around 40 meters tall

Ultimate: Black Hole (90s)

  • Throws down the N.E.W.T device that threateningly glows in an area for 15 seconds while applying what could only be described as a weak wind effect to nearby legends.
  •  you can walk out of the black holes range without sprinting.
  • this has to be the least threatening ability in the entire game.
  • Attempts to pull ordinance, is too weak to fully pull in frag grenades or thermites, has little effect on arc stars.
  • Slightly pulls air strikes and other thrown abilities like silence, nox gas canisters and nox grenades towards itself.

Rating: D

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