Apex Legends: Healing Items Guide

Obviously during and while being shot at, you will eventually take some damage, to remedy this situation we have healing items!

Healing items are common across the map with smaller heals dropping more frequently, small heals can also be found in lifelines care package.

For alternative healing sources, Lifeline can create a healing drone equivalent to six syringes and Wattsons interception pylon also provides 90 shields per use over 45s. Octane gains one syringe worth of health back per 25 seconds.

The level 4 (gold) body shield provides an additional 25hp/shield on syringes and shield cells.

The healing items are:

  • Shield cell (3s): +25|50 shield
  • Syringe (5s): +25|50 health
  • Shield Battery (5s): All shields
  • Medkit (8s): All health
  • Phoenix Kit (10s): All health and shields
  • DOC (20s): Up to 150hp over up to three players at 7.5hp/s
  • Interception Pylon (45s): 90 shield
  • Swift Mend: 1hp/s

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