Among Us: MIRA HQ Map Tasks Guide

MIRA HQ is the second map of Among Us, set high in the Earth’s atmosphere. The facility is owned by the recurring company MIRA.

After a long journey on The Skeld, the crewmates decided to spend some time back at the MIRA Headquarters. Indeed there aren’t as many Impostors there.

Room NameTasksRoom Code
LaunchpadFuel Engines, Run Diagnostics, Divert Power01
MedbaySubmit Scan, Divert Power02
CommunicationDivert Power03
Locker RoomFix Wiring04
OfficeDivert Power, Process Data06
AdminPrime Shields, Chart Course, Divert Power, Enter ID Code07
BalconyClear Asteroids, Measure Weather08
CafeteriaBuy Beverage, Divert Power, Empty Garbage09
HallwayFix Wiring10
LaboratorySort Samples, Assemble Artifact, Divert Power, Fix Wiring11
ReactorUnlock Manifolds, Start Reactor, Divert Power12
StorageFix Wiring, Water Plants13

1) Launchpad

It is the first spawn point for players until the first emergency meeting. It is where the crew’s ship is perched, along with several boxes, a diagnostic computer, and another device that serves to fill the engines. It has a vent in the upper left corner which is connected to all the other vents in the Mira HQ map.


  • Fuel Engines
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Divert Power

2) MedBay

It has a scanner and a vent between two beds.


  • Submit Scan
  • Divert Power

3) Communications

It is the location where the base receives communications from other MIRA spacecraft. It has several radio equipment and a computer that serves as a sensor that guides people’s movement in the area.


  • Divert Power

4) Locker Room

It is the place where the crew changes clothes. It has several lockers and a bench, and a pipe under the door that takes players to decontamination.


  • Fix Wiring

5) Decontamination

It is where the crew members are decontaminated before going to the corridor that connects the Reactor and the Laboratory. It consists of an isolated room with yellow floors and black floors that flash blue, in addition to vaporisers and two doors that players can open by pressing the button on the side. When they enter, the door closes, and the place emits steam, and after that, the other door opens.

No Tasks

6) Office

It is located at the end of the North Hallway, across from admin. It is in the upper area of the map. It has a vent in the upper left corner. Comms Sabotages can be fixed there.


  • Divert Power
  • Process Data

7) Admin

The admin room is located under the Greenhouse.


  • Prime Shields
  • Chart Course
  • Divert Power
  • Enter ID Code

8) Balcony

Balcony is located at the bottom of the MIRA HQ, and a vent in the middle between the two doors.


  • Clear Asteroids
  • Measure Weather

9) Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is located in the right corridor and is smaller than its predecessor. It is also near the Storage and the Balcony, and the tables are cubic instead of circular and are light brown. A vent is located near the entrance, and the emergency button is located on the left table.


  • Buy Beverage
  • Divert Power
  • Empty Garbage

10) Hallway

The hallway is Y-shaped and has door log sensors at each of its exits.At its bottom right, there is a vent.


  • Fix Wiring

11) Laboratory

The Laboratory is a medium room, located across the Reactor after the decontamination hallway. It features a vent directly connected to other vents in the decontamination hallway, the Reactor, and the Office.


  • Sort Samples
  • Assemble Artifact
  • Divert Power
  • Fix WIring

12) Reactor

The reactor is connected to the Laboratory, which contains a massive reactor with a claw that emits a laser (which can change colour if the reactor is sabotaged). To get to the reactor, Crewmates must first go through Decontamination. A vent is located on the left below.


  • Unlock Manifolds
  • Start Reactor
  • Divert Power

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Written by: Ember & Script

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