Should You Choose To Accept It Part 4 Quest Steps: Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph Should You Choose To Accept It Part IV

During week 7 of the Season of the Seraph, you get yet another chance to obtain a Catalyst for Revision Zero.

Now that another schematic has been found, you will need to obtain it to upgrade the Revision Zero to become more powerful.

This requires that you retrace your steps and head back to the previous facilities to find them but challenges will await you.

How to Get the Should You Choose To Accept It Part 4 Quest?

The exotic quest called Should You Choose to Accept It Part 4 became available during week 7 of the Season of the Seraph. You will need to have already obtained the Revision Zero to obtain this quest as well as have completed the previous ones.

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 4 Quest Steps

Step 1: Return to the Diocles Annex and Download a Cryptographic Index

You will need to return to the Diocles Annex which can be done by visiting the H.E.L.M. destination and starting the mission from there.

Upon completion of the mission, this quest step will be complete and you can proceed to the next one.

  • Download Index

Step 2: Travel to the Cosmodrome for Further Instructions

The next step will require you to head to the Cosmodrome, which you can do by accessing it from the destinations menu.

  • Visit Cosmodrome

Step 3: Decrypt Passcode Cipher by Completing Patrols and Defeating Combatants in the Cosmodrome

You will need to continue in the Cosmodrome and defeat enemies, which can be sped up by doing patrols during this quest step.

Doing the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector is a good option as the next quest step requires you to head over to obtain a dead drop.

  • Decrypt Cipher

Step 4: Locate the Dead Drop in the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector of the Cosmodrome and Upload the Cipher

You will need to clear out the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector and find the dead drop to interact with it to proceed to the next quest step.

The dead drop can be found in the area where you fight the boss in Exodus Garden 2A.

  • Locate Dead Drop

Step 5: Launch Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty and Find the Weapon Schematic

You will need to start Operation: Seraph’s Shield once again and this time the Dead Exo will be located on the Ketch that you are imprisoned in.

Once you are out of the prison, continue to the area where you release prisoners and make your way to the right to find the Dead Exo.

Be sure to stay within the mission as the next quest step requires that you finish it.

  • Recover Schematic

Step 6: Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty to Successfully Obtain The Catalyst

After you have recovered the schematic, you will need to push through and complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield.

  • Complete mission

Step 7: Visit a Weapons Expert to Analyze the Catalyst

While this quest step does not mark a specific NPC that you need to talk to, it is obvious by the term weapons expert that they mean Banshee-44.

Head over to Banshee-44 at the Tower and speak with him to complete the quest and get the new Catalyst.

  • Visit Expert (Banshee-44)

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 4 Rewards

Completing this quest will reward you with the 4-Timer Refit, which causes rapidly landing precision hits to return two rounds to the magazine.

This can be equipped in the Revision Zero to improve it to further suit your preferences and also, you will obtain Hunter’s Trace IV, which improves it furthermore.


Another schematic has led to the improvement of the Revision Zero and this time, it allows you to continuously pulverize enemies with rounds.

The 4-Timer Refit appears to be one of the best Catalyst available for the Revision Zero as it allows you to fire more at enemies without the need to reload often.

With all the Catalysts to choose from with the Revision Zero, it looks like this may be the last one available and the weapon can now reach its full potential.

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