Warframe Voruna Build Guide

Warframe Voruna

Released upon the arrival of the Lua’s Prey update, Voruna now stalks the battlefield for enemies who she may prey upon.

Combining deadly attacks along with defensive buffs, she can adapt to most situations and find a way to take out enemies with little effort.

Summoning different members of a pack, Voruna can change the outcome of any battle to suit the way she fights to gain an advantage.

Voruna Builds

1) Standard Build (Balanced Stats Build)

Our Standard Build for Voruna is a basic build that makes it easy to get a feel of the Warframe, especially for those who want to test her abilities out.

This build provides a good balance in all her stats, allowing her to survive battles and cast her abilities to some extent.

Once you get used to Voruna’s abilities, you can start modifying this build or create your own from scratch to better suit your playstyle.

2) Fangs of Raksh Build (AOE Damage Build)

Possibly one of the best Voruna builds right now, our Fangs of Raksh Build is an AOE damage build that can clear enemies in an instant and leave survivors flooded with status effects.

Making use of Fangs of Raksh (second ability) to leap at a great distance and spread an insane amount of status effects, this can kill enemies quickly and leave survivors weakened.

With this build, you will often be using Fangs of Raksh to jump from enemy to enemy clearing them out with insane damage by spamming the ability most of the time.

Using Fangs of Raksh to inflict status effects before using Ulfrun’s Descent makes her damage even more severe, capable of destroying multiple enemies in seconds.

3) Shroud of Dynar Build (Stealth & Critical Damage Build)

This is a build meant to aid those who love to deal critical damage with melee weapons, boosting their damage to insane amounts.

With Shrouds of Dynar (first ability), you can turn invisible and boost your melee critical damage for a certain duration, making it easy to kill enemies.

This allows you to make use of the invisibility to avoid damage and close in on enemies to destroy them with powerful melee attacks often.

Feel free to replace Amar’s Hatred with another mod to add more to your playstyle.

4) Gladiator Build (Gladiator Set Build)

The Gladiator Build is more of a primitive build which gives Voruna the ability to make use of her abilities while also gaining the benefits of the Gladiator Set.

This will improve her critical prowess much more and give her an edge when it comes to fighting enemies up close.

Along with her abilities and the buffs from the Gladiator Set, she can become an unstoppable force that can take on waves of enemies with ease.

Final Thoughts

Voruna is quite deadly in most ways and can sustain herself in a fight thanks to the effects of her other abilities such as Lycath’s Hunt.

Some of her best builds include those focused on Shroud of Dynar or Fangs of Raksh and these may even be combined to make the ultimate killer.

The use of her fourth ability may take some getting used to but can be exceptional for finishing enemies off after you have inflicted status effects on them.

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