Destiny 2 The Form of The Danger Quest Walkthrough

D2 The Form of The Danger Quest

With the arrival of Season of Plunder, a new weapon was introduced, the Delicate Tomb, a powerful and deadly Fusion Rifle that disintegrates enemies.

To top it off, this Exotic Fusion Rifle is more than capable of tearing through heaps of enemies and even has a catalyst to further improve it.

The Form of the Danger quest allows you to get used to the Delicate Tomb while also getting its catalyst upon completing all the steps.

How To Get The Form of The Danger Quest?

The Form of The Danger quest can be obtained from Banshee-44 once you have obtained the Delicate Tomb. This means that players who have the season pass may get the quest with a season rank of 1 while those without it can obtain it at rank 35.

The Form of The Danger Quest StepsThe Form of The Danger Quest Info

Step 1: Design the Delicate Tomb’s Catalyst

Banshee-44 wants you to design the Exotic Fusion Rifle’s catalyst by defeating targets with Energy slot weapons and defeating challenging combatants.

More progress is gained by defeating minibosses, bosses, and champions.

  • Defeat 50 targets with special ammo
  • Defeat challenging combatants (Reach 100% progress)

A quick way to finish this and level up would be to repeat Lost Sectors as they allow you to solo most of the enemies.

You do not have to use the Delicate Tomb in this step to gain progress.

Step 2: Complete Vanguard Operations, Gambit and Crucible Matches, and Defeat Targets While Using the Delicate Tomb

This time it is important that you use the Delicate Tomb to both complete the different activities as well as to kill enemies.

You can still gain progress for defeating targets with the Delicate Tomb almost anywhere but for the calibration, you need to do activities.

Higher-tier Nightfall completions, Crucible and Gambit wins, and defeating Guardians will provide you with additional progress.

This can take quite a lot of time, but you can do this as you continue with whatever quest or activities you are working on.

  • Generate calibration data (Total of 200)
  • Defeat Targets (Reach 100% progress)

Step 3: Return to Banshee-44

Note: We have not reached this part due to the length it takes to complete the activities but will update this as soon as possible.

After designing the catalyst and generating calibration data, you will need to return to Banshee-44 to obtain the catalyst as a reward.

  • Speak with Banshee-44 at the Tower

The Form of The Danger Reward

Completing The Form of The Danger will reward you with the Delicate Tomb Catalyst, which allows you to upgrade the Exotic Fusion Rifle.


Once you obtain the Delicate Tomb catalyst, you will need to defeat 700 enemies with it before you can unlock the perk it provides.

Unlocking the Delicate Tomb catalyst provides you with the Ionic Interment perk, allowing you to collect Ionic Traces to partially reload the weapon.

Now with the catalyst obtained, you can make this weapon unstoppable and fire rounds continuously sometimes without reloading.

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