Destiny 2 How To Claim Gift of the Thunder Gods (Season of Plunder)

D2 Gift of The Thunder Gods

With the arrival of Season of Plunder, players will once again need to become stronger as they face off enemies and complete challenges in this new action-packed season.

However, Bungie has made it so players may have a good head start in the season by offering them the Gift of the Thunder Gods.

Players who approach and accept this will be allowed to easily catch up and have a better time progressing through the season as they get better gear.

What is the Gift of the Thunder Gods?

The Gift of the Thunder Gods is a limited offer to Guardians who wish to catch up regarding gear, providing them with plenty of goodies.

Bungie seems to have offered this special set of gear to make the adventure along with the new Arc 3.0 system even more enjoyable for players.

These come as a gift that you can obtain in game during the Season of Plunder and you can grab them early on to boost your Power Level.

How To Claim Gift of the Thunder Gods?Gift of The Thunder Gods Limited Offer

Once you have completed the introductory mission in Season of Plunder, the Gift of the Thunder Gods message should appear.

The message appears to remind players of the new Arc 3.0 system which will go quite well with the set that is received and the weapons.

To claim the Gift of the Thunder Gods, simply head over to the H.E.L.M. and there will be a chest that you need to approach to see the items within.

You may begin taking the items once you open them and they will be permanently yours for the keeping, a pretty good set of freebies for the start of the season.

Gift of the Thunder Gods Gear

Gift of the Thunder Gods provides you with gear that you can equip right away after taking them, providing you with a boost in Power Level.

These include weapons that come from the Witch Queen DLC as well as armor from the Dreaming City and Exotic Gear.

You obtain the Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun along with another exotic piece of gear to compliment your class.

The gear you receive from this chest will allow you to equip them for a higher Power Level or dismantle them for infusion to upgrade your current gear.

ARC 3.0

The Arc 3.0 update was introduced during Season of Plunder and to make it all better, Bungie has provided the Gift of the Thunder Gods.

This makes it even more fun because you get to pair up the new subclass with gear that goes hand in hand with your abilities.

The best thing of all, the Gift of the Thunder Gods is free and nothing is quite better than some freebies to give you a head start with the new season!

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