Destiny 2 How To Get Delicate Tomb & It’s Catalyst (2023)

Destiny 2 Delicate Tomb Exotic Weapon

Season of Plunder has arrived and there are tons of gear that players can now get their hands on, including a new exotic weapon, Delicate Tomb.

Delicate Tomb is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that appears to perform much more like a shotgun in a way due to the spread of its projectiles.

What special weapons lack in ammo capacity, the Delicate Tomb makes up for multiple projectiles and the ability to annihilate multiple enemies in seconds.

The ability to create Ionic Traces makes it much easier for you to recharge your Arc subclass abilities as well as cause extra damage to enemies for clearing them quickly.

How To Get Delicate Tomb?

Delicate Tomb is the seasonal weapon for Season of Plunder which makes it obtainable for everyone regardless of if they have a season pass or not.

Those who do not have an active season pass during Season of Plunder will be able to obtain the Delicate Tomb when they reach Rank 35 in the season.

However, players who have invested in the season pass will be able to obtain Delicate Tomb at Rank 1, starting easily with this deadly Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Delicate Tomb Perks

1) Fluted Barrel (Barrel)

Delicate Tomb features an ultra-light barrel.

  • Greatly increases handling speed
  • Slightly increases stability

2) Liquid Coils (Battery)

Slower-building charge for higher damage.

  • Increases impact damage
  • Slower charge time

3) Tempest Cascade (Trait)

Collecting an Ionic Trace overcharges this weapon’s next shot, jolting targets on hit.

4) Short-Action Stock (Stock)

The Delicate Tomb is especially easy to grip.

  • Greatly increases handling speed

Delicate Tomb Stats

Delicate Tomb is capable of dealing a lot of damage and does not take too long to fire shots in succession, which make it easy to kill enemies in a short amount of time.







Reload Speed

Aim Assistance



Airborn Effectiveness


Charge Time



Recoil Direction


Intrinsic Trait: Traitors Vessel

Fires a wide horizontal spread when shot from the hip. Final blows with this weapon have a chance to generate Ionic Traces.

Powerful foes and opposing Guardians always generate Ionic Traces.

How To Get Delicate Tomb Catalyst?Delicate Tomb Catalyst Exotic Quest The Form of The Danger

Like most of the seasonal weapons that are introduced in the game, the Delicate Tomb Catalyst may be obtained by completing an exotic quest.

The Delicate Tomb Catalyst is a reward from a quest called The Form of The Danger, which can be obtained by speaking with Banshee-44 once you have the weapon.

Completing “The Form of Danger” will provide you with the catalyst which will require you to use the Delicate Tomb to unlock its perk.

Delicate Tomb Catalyst Perk

Once you have killed enough enemies with the Delicate Tomb, its catalyst will unlock the Ionic Interment perk, which adds effect when collecting Ionic Traces.

Ionic Interment causes collecting an Ionic Trace partially reloads the magazine from reserves.


The Delicate Tomb is a very deadly weapon, especially when used at closer ranges, capable of destroying an enemy’s health within seconds.

Its ability to jolt enemies, causing chain lighting attacks to hit multiple targets, making it easier to clear out those in your way.

Since Ionic Traces also power help recharge Arc abilities, making it easier for you to dish out more damage with faster cooldowns.

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