How to Make Lavender Ribbon Cookies in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

Nothing is more triumphant than a hard-earned or shall we say baked pack of Lavender Ribbon Cookies just waiting to be munched on.

Lavender Ribbon Cookies are a tasty delicacy that you can make using Eva’s Holiday Oven and can later be given to Saint-14.

How To Make Lavender Ribbon Cookies?D2LavenderRibbonCookies

“Deliver these sweet and triumphant treats to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar”

The following are the ingredients that are needed for baking Lavender Ribbon Cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven during The Dawning event.

Lavender Ribbon Cookies Ingredients:

After you have obtained all of the above ingredients, you can use them to bake Lavender Ribbon Cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven.

Lavender Ribbon Cookies Uses

Lavender Ribbon Cookies can be given to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar once you have baked them in Eva’s Holiday Oven.

In return for this tasty pack of cookies, Saint-14 will give you a Dawning Delivery which will automatically be opened once obtained to get rewards.

Best Way to Farm Lavender Ribbon Cookies Ingredients

Obtaining the ingredients for Lavender Ribbon Cookies will require you to get close up and personal with enemies.

Since you also need Vex milk, it is a good idea to just get both of the ingredients at the same time, which simply requires you to defeat Vex using melee abilities.

Vex Milk will come from defeating the Vex, while Personal Touch is obtained from defeating enemies with melee abilities, even without having charges.


Lavender Ribbon Cookies are pretty easy to get since you just need to use melee abilities when defeating the Vex to get both of them.

What’s best is that even if your melee ability has not yet cooled down, you can still use it to defeat enemies and they will have a chance to drop Personal Touch.

Saint-14 will love this treat and giving him Lavender Ribbon Cookies is one of the earlier objectives you have during the Cookie Delivery Helper quest.

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