How To Make Chocolate Ship Cookies in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

Some of the NPCs in Destiny 2 don’t get much credit most of the time and it is during The Dawning that you can brighten up their day with goodies.

Chocolate Ship Cookies is one of those goodies which can be baked and this can be done only during The Dawning event.

You can make Chocolate Ship Cookies with ingredients that can be obtained throughout the event and later on give them to Amanda Holliday.

How To Make Chocolate Ship Cookies?

Chocolate Ship Cookies can be baked using Eva’s Holiday Oven, which can be accessed from the quests tab during The Dawning after you have obtained it.

Chocolate Ship Cookies Ingredients:

  • 1 Cabal Oil
  • 1 Null Taste
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

Once you have all of the ingredients for baking Chocolate Ship Cookies, you can simply access Eva’s Holiday Oven and bake them.

Chocolate Ship Cookies UsesChocolate Ship Cookies

“Deliver these finely tuned treats to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.”

Chocolate Ship Cookies can be given to Amanda Holliday, who will in return give you a Dawning Delivery, which contains all sorts of goods.

The rewards that you get from the Dawning Delivery may contain legendary gear, Glimmer, and other items at random.

Amanda Holliday can be found at the tower Hangar and you can give her as many Chocolate Ship Cookies as you like during the event.

Best Way to Farm Chocolate Ship Cookies Ingredients

To get Cabal Oil, you will need to defeat Cabal enemies, who may drop this ingredient by chance from time to time.

Null Taste is obtained by defeating enemies with Void damage, which includes both weapons and abilities.

The best way to farm Cabal Oil and Null Taste would be to go to an area where Cabal is present and defeat them with Void abilities and weapons.


Lost Sectors serve as a good place to farm the ingredients that you will need for baking Chocolate Ship Cookies.

They can be repeated often and will guarantee you get the final blows, so all you will need to do is find a Cabal Lost Sector and clear it with Void abilities and weapons.

Amanda Holliday will be delighted to get Chocolate Ship Cookies and no one knows what kind of goodies you can get from the Dawning Delivery gift she gives in return.

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