Destiny 2 How To Get The Forth Horseman & It’s Catalyst (2023)

Destiny 2 The Forth HorsemanIt’s not a holdout weapon; it’s a pathfinder.

The Fourth Horseman is a deadly Exotic Shotgun, capable of unleashing an insane amount of bullets in seconds that deal high amounts of damage.

This Exotic Shotgun is capable of firing up to 360 rounds per minute and can hold up to 4 rounds per magazine.

Unlike other Exotic Shotguns, The Fourth Horseman can release projectiles in quick succession and also deals more damage per shot.

How To Get The Fourth Horseman?

The Fourth Horseman used to be a reward for completing the “In Rides a Pale Horse” Exotic quest but is now available for purchase from the Monument to Lost Lights.

The following are needed to purchase The Fourth Horseman:

  • Exotic Cipher (1)
  • Glimmer (125,000)
  • Dusklight Shard (200)
  • Ascendant Shard (1)

The Fourth Horseman Perks

1) Arrowhead Brake (Barrel)

The Fourth Horseman features a lightly vented barrel.

  • Greatly increases controls recoil
  • Increase handling speed

2) Alloy Magazine (Magazine)

Cloudstriker reloads faster when its magazine is empty.

3) Broadside (Trait)

Each successive shot has more damage and more spread.

4) Fitted Stock (Stock)

The Fourth Horseman’s stock makes it stable but heavy

  • Increases stability
  • Moderately controls recoil
  • Slightly decreases handling speed

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Forth Horseman Intrinsic Traits


The Fourth Horseman’s rate of fire is increased significantly, and fires full auto, making it capable of unleashing several projectiles in seconds.

Aside from the high fire rate, The Fourth Horseman’s Broadside trait causes each successive shot to deal more damage and have more spread, making it even deadlier.

How to Get The Fourth Horseman Catalyst?

And Its Name Was Death

You can unlock The Fourth Horseman Catalyst to provide the And Its Name Was Death perk, which adds round to the magazine and increases reload speed.

This allows The Fourth Horseman to deal even more damage before needing to reload and increases the reload speed so you can replenish its ammo faster.


The Fourth Horseman can deal quite a lot of damage and it is even more efficient if you are closer to the enemies due to the spread from the Broadside Perk.

Getting The Fourth Horseman Catalyst can increase the amount of damage even more since it adds another round which means more damage from Broadside.

Your best bet to deal maximum damage is at closer ranges with this Exotic Shotgun and it is surely enough to blow up pretty much an enemy.

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