Railjack Roles Guide in Warframe

Warframe Railjack Roles

Anyone can admit that the Railjack missions that have come along with Empyrean can be quite a challenge, even for veterans.

Sure, there may be some out there who have their great builds and fully decked out ships who can even solo some of the hardest missions but when it comes to efficiency, having a great team together can make a huge difference.

A team that functions well and knows what to do can increase the chance of success for any mission and most importantly, speed it up.

Of course, any team of random players can finish the missions fast but it’s a guarantee that a team that is well put together can do it even faster which makes farming quite easy later on.

Important Roles

Obviously, there are roles that need to be filled up but knowing what you should keep in mind while doing them can really make things easier for you and the team.

The following are important roles during Railjack missions:

1) Pilot

The pilot is one of the key roles during Railjack and the one that can maneuver the ship well and dish out damage with the nose turrets and ordnances can really manipulate the mission outcome.

A pilot should be able to maneuver well and fire the nose turrets comfortably so that enemies will be cleared faster as well as keep the ship out of dangerous situations.

Taking up the Piloting class in Intrinsics makes the pilot have different maneuvers and better control over the Railjack.

2) Gunner

Gunners are usually in charge of dealing additional damage by using either using the wing turrets or jump into the forward-artillery to deal massive damage.

Players may sometimes leave the wing turrets to take on other roles such as taking down crew ships or performing outside crew objectives.

Taking up the Gunnery class in Intrinsics will benefit them with the ability to use different firepower in the Railjack as well as additional increases when in Archwing mode.

3) Engineer

Engineers are the hearts of the ship and keep everything going smoothly from the weapons having ammunition up to making sure the ship is in top condition and doesn’t fall apart.

They are tasked with resupplying the ammunition and fixing up damage that is in the ship with the usage of the Omni gear as well as keeping enemies out of the ship.

Those that focus on the Engineering class gain the ability to replenish different ammunition for the Railjack during mission as well as repair the ship effortlessly and even gives a bonus yield to resources that are refined.

Other Roles

Aside from the main roles, there are other ways to play in Railjack missions and some roles do not require a specific class to be taken up.

The other roles can be used by anyone and benefit from a mixture of classes later on when Intrinsics have been ranked up for multiple classes.

The following are some of the other roles during Railjack missions:

Archwing Support

Not all players are required to be inside the Railjack and for those who wish to help in a different way, there is the option of taking a riskier role by being out in the open equipped with their Archwing.

Those using Archwings may utilize the abilities to their advantage to either deal damage or disable enemies, protect the Railjack and much more.

A Top choice is Amesha due to its ability to slow enemies, replenish its own energy and become invulnerable from enemy attacks.

Crew Ship Takedown

For those who are available, whenever a crew ship is nearby or dealing damage to the Railjack, it is wise to head out and take it down.

When the forward-artillery can not be utilized due to certain reasons such as range, no ammunition or the fact that the crew ship is moving too much, it is viable to deploy a member in Archwing mode to destroy the crew ship.

By either leaving the ship normally or launching from the slingshot, members can head towards crew ships and take them out from the inside.

At rank 4 with tactical, these members can easily teleport back to the ship by using the Omni gear.

Inside Crew

Inside crew need to get out of the Railjack when it comes to doing the special objectives and they will have to infiltrate the facilities or ships in order to complete part of the objectives.

This goes hand in hand with the outside crew’s task and when both inside and outside crew function accordingly, special objectives are easily finished.

The inside crew focuses mainly on going inside of a facility to hack, destroy or assassinate targets from the inside.

Any number of members from the squad may act as an inside crew but later on there will have to be at least one person on the Railjack to keep it safe.

Outside Crew

The outside crew handles special objectives from the outside and will await the inside crew to hack or destroy targets in order for the whole squad to progress with objective.

Usually they will be tasked with only destroying radiators so the inside crew can proceed to their next objectives from within.

Whenever the inside crew is inside the facility or ship, it is vital for the outside crew to be ready to destroy the radiator in order to avoid wasting time and cause the deaths of the inside crew.

The pilot or engineer can serve as the outside crew while the two gunners head into the facilities or ships.


  • No matter how good your team may be, it is always important to do your part and help whenever you can.
  • Avoid leaving the ship out in the open in the middle of a group of enemies if you are the pilot as this gives the whole team a hard time and will eat up resources.
  • Be sure to let the engineer know if you need ammunition so they can craft it in advance, never expect them to know everything as they are also taking care of the ship.
  • As soon as a ramsled hits the Railjack, all except the pilot should dismount and get rid of the crew. (Pilot should stay due to the fact they need to keep the Railjack mobile)
  • An Archwing supporting the ship can be a great help but they can also head off to deal damage nearby.
  • Avoid leaving the ship to finish the special objectives on your own, your team might need you.
  • Coordinate with your team and don’t act like they should know 100% of everything, communication is also part of teamwork.
  • Tell the crew if you are jumping out of the pilot controls so they can take over if the time comes.