Warframe Fomorian Sabotage Mission Guide

Warframe Fomorian Sabotage

The Fomorian Sabotage is a mission that is playable during the Balor Fomorian event where either you alone or in a squad will assault the Balor Fomorian in an attempt to destroy it.

Failure to do so will result in the destruction of a targeted relay which is permanent and will be undoable, making it vital for players to participate.

During the mission, you will be utilizing your Archwing and will fight your way through enemies until you reach the core and attempt to damage it.

Fomorian Sabotage Walkthrough

The first thing you need to do is build a Fomorian Disruptor which is used to deactivate a barrier protecting the core so you can damage it later.

It takes one minute to craft a Fomorian Disruptor and everyone in the squad will need one before the mission can begin.

A resource required for building a Fomorian Disruptor are Omega Isotopes which can be gathered by doing regular missions on the planets where the event is taking place.

Once you have a Fomorian Disruptor, be sure to equip it in your gear so that you can activate it later as it is required to be manually activated once the core has been reached.

Everyone must equip a Fomorian Disruptor in their gear or the mission will not start and will name those that have not readied one.

Select the mission from the star chart and it will take you and your squad if you have one, into the mission where the beginning will start with you needing to fly towards the Fomorian.

Enemies will be around the area so prepare for a fight and try not to get killed on your way to the Fomorian.

Some of the areas will have barriers that block your path and you will need to take them down before you can proceed making your way to the Fomorian.

Aim for the round floating machine labeled as a Zeplen and destroy it which will remove the barrier and proceed repeating this until you reach the Fomorian.

Fight your way through the barriers and groups of enemies and head closer to the Fomorian where you will then need to head to the left and right side of it to disable its shield.

You will see a marked part of the Fomorian labeled Fomorian Shield Generator Cover which you must shoot in order to expose the Fomorian Shield Generator.

Once the Fomorian Shield Generator is exposed, destroy it and repeat this with the one that is located on the other side.

Once the shield is down, head back to the center and look for narrow passages along the way which will give you access to the Fomorian Core.

The Fomorian Core will be protected by a shield which will require you to use your Fomorian Disruptor but this can only be done when all members of the squad are at the core.

Open up your gear menu and use the Fomorian Disruptor which will consume it and set off a pulse that disables the shield.

Begin shooting as many Fomorian Core Nodes as you can in order to deal damage to the Fomorian Core while there is time as the Fomorian Disruptor will only disable it for a short amount of time.

Once the Fomorian Core has been damaged and the timer has run out, be sure to leave the area and soon the mission will end.

Fomorian Sabotage Rewards

After completing the mission, you will receive the resources you might have picked up along with a reward picked out from the mission’s drop table.

One of the following can be received as a reward after completing the Fomorian Sabotage:

40% Chance:

  • 400 Endo

10% Chance:

  • Imperator Vandal Blueprint
  • Imperator Vandal Barrel
  • Imperator Vandal Receiver

5% Chance:

  • Charged Bullets
  • Contamination Casing
  • Cryo Coating
  • Hypothermic Shell
  • Infectious Injection
  • Ion Infusion


  • For farming the Fomorian Sabotage, craft a Fomorian Disruptor before each run so that you have one ready for the next one.
  • Some modes are very useful for later on so its best to try to get at least one of them and even save the rest for selling later for platinum.
  • Its best to join a group to hasten up the completion of the mission as there are quite a few things that delay most solo players.
  • It is possible to ignore the rest of the enemies and go straight to the objectives to finish faster.