Seeker Volley Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Battle Avionic Seeker Volley

Seeker Volley causes the Railjack to release a barrage of homing missiles which automatically seek out nearby enemies and propel towards them, exploding and dealing damage.

Enemies can be hit by multiple missiles and may even fly accidentally towards the missiles or cross their trajectory, causing them to become hit.

Using this ability in the presence of multiple fighters can easily clear out their numbers and when crew ships are present, they can take a ton of damage.

Once the ability is used, a short charge up time is required before the missiles are released heading towards the direction where the Railjack is facing.

Using Seeker Volley after using abilities such as Void Hole or Tether can ensure that enemies will not only be hit but may even destroy them and those trapped by their side.

Seeker Volley Rank Stats


Unranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)

Missiles Fired



Seeker Volley Drop Location

Seeker Volley can be obtained in both the Earth Proxima where Kosma Cutters spawn and the Veil Proxima where Kosma Cutters spawn.

Lower level missions in the Earth Proxima can be easily completed within 10 – 15 minutes while farming in the Veil Proxima gives a chance to farm tier 3 drops along with Seeker Volley.

Seeker Volley can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Elite Exo Cutter (Rare)
  • Kosma Cutter (Rare)

Seeker Volley Farming

A quick way to farm Seeker Volley is to do lower level Earth Proxima missions as there are several Kosma Fighters that spawn in them.

Doing Veil Proxima missions can also allow you to obtain Seeker Volley from destroying the Elite Exo Cutters.


  • Using Seeker Volley while flying in reverse can ensure that those chasing after you will be hit as they will either be running into the missile or they will be easily be locked on.
  • Using abilities to disable enemies or pull them together will make it easier for you to target them with Seeker Volley.
  • A good tactic while rushing into a battle is to boost going forward after releasing Seeker Volley in order to start attacking enemies, allowing the missiles to target any enemies while you are also fighting.
  • Enemies that are nearby the missiles have a possibility to be targeted by them regardless of the direction you were facing.