Particle Ram Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Battle Avionic Particle Ram

When the Particle Ram ability is used, a large frontal ram is created that stays in the front of the Railjack which comes out in a sort of cone shape.

Enemies that come in contact with the Particle Ram will begin to take damage over time continuously until they get out of the space that the ram occupies.

The Particle Ram will last indefinitely and will only drain Flux Capacity when first being cast, making it a very efficient weapon.

Reusing the ability while there is a ram currently active will cause it to be launched forward, dealing damage to any enemies that it hits.

Simply ramming into enemies or following them around will cause them to take damage and keeping them within the ram will eventually destroy them unless they get out.

When the Railjack is not in motion or even without a pilot or crew, enemies can still get damage by simply passing through the ram or coming close to it.

Trapping enemies with abilities such as Void Hole and Tether can cause enemies to be easy targets for the Particle Ram to either be fired or for the Railjack to be flown up close to deal damage to them.

Particle Ram Rank Stats


Unranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)


Launch Duration22.533.544.55





Particle Ram Drop Location

You can obtain Particle Ram from KosmaTaktis fighters from the Earth Proxima which are easy to destroy and from Elite Exo Cutters from the Veil Proxima.

Cannon Batteries exist in both of the Proximas and also have a chance to drop Particle Ram so be sure to destroy them when they show up when you are flying around.

Particle Ram can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Cannon Battery (Rare)
  • Elite Exo Cutter (Rare)
  • Kosma Taktis (Rare)

Particle Ram Farming

Picking missions from either the Earth or Veil Proximas will give a good chance to get Particle Ram but since it is a rare drop, more runs may be needed before it drops.

Be sure to take out the Cannon Batteries in the missions or fly around searching for them after all objectives have been completed.


  • The Particle Ram is one of the most efficient Battle Avionics due to its ability to stay active without the need to consume additional Flux Energy.
  • It is possible to activate Particle Ram while another one is being launched and you can even launch multiple instances of them.
  • Hiding your Railjack in a tight space will force enemies into the Particle Ram, allowing you to repair the Railjack, deal with boarding parties or do other objectives.
  • Flying in reverse will make enemies chase you, eventually destroying themselves and doing a maneuver after reversing will help you hit enemies with a quick forward boost.
  • Particle Ram is useful for flying around asteroid fields, broken facilities and other debris as it can destroy containers which makes farming very easy.