Warframe Baza Prime Build 2023 Guide

Warframe Baza Prime Submachine Gun

Get ready to blast through your enemies with the Baza Prime, the Prime variant of the Baza that features a ton of improvements in stats.

If you are familiar with the Baza, you will know that it is a primary weapon and a silenced Submachine gun that offers a lot of rounds to use against your enemies.

When fully modded, the Baza Prime is capable of shredding enemies in seconds thanks to its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity.

How To Get Baza Prime (Void Relics)?

Baza Prime Receiver

  • Axi A15 (Vaulted)
  • Axi N7 (Vaulted)
  • Axi W2 (Vaulted)
  • Lith K7 (Vaulted)
  • Meso C6 (Vaulted)
  • Meso E4 (Vaulted)
  • Meso P2 (Vaulted)
  • Neo R3 (Vaulted)

Baza Prime Barrel

  • Axi I2 (Vaulted)
  • Axi Z1 (Vaulted)
  • Lith A4 (Vaulted)
  • Lith S10 (Vaulted)
  • Lith W2 (Vaulted)
  • Neo I3 (Vaulted)
  • Neo N15 (Vaulted)

Baza Prime Stock

  • Axi B3 (Vaulted)
  • Lith B9 (Vaulted)
  • Meso B6 (Vaulted)
  • Neo B7 (Vaulted)

Baza Prime Blueprint

  • Axi B4 (Vaulted)
  • Axi S13 (Vaulted)
  • Lith B7 (Vaulted)
  • Lith B8 (Vaulted)
  • Meso B4 (Vaulted)
  • Meso B5 (Vaulted)

Baza Prime Market Prices

This weapon’s blueprint and components may be purchased from other players which put the Baza Prime Set Price to usually costs 40 – 60 Platinum for the whole set.

Individually you can expect its prices to be the following for each part:

  • Baza Prime Blueprint Price: 10 – 20 Platinum
  • Baza Prime Barrel Price: 5 – 10 Platinum
  • Baza Prime Receiver Price: 5 – 10 Platinum
  • Baza Prime Stock Price: 20 – 40 Platinum

Baza Prime Crafting Requirements

Baza Prime Blueprint

Baza Prime Stats

The Baza Prime fires accurate rounds that have a high critical chance and decent status chance while also being considered a silent weapon.

The following are Baza Prime’s stats:



Ammo Maximum



Ammo Pickup

30 – 60

Fire Rate








Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier










Baza Prime Builds

1) Critical Build

Baza Prime Critical Build

With the Baza Prime’s high critical chance, we opted for going with a critical build, which worked like a charm when it came to shredding enemies.

Since Baza Prime can fire several rounds in a short amount of time, this makes it all the better when it comes to dealing critical hits continuously when emptying its magazine.

The addition of Heavy Caliber and the two elemental mods makes the weapon deal even more damage, also making it more effective against certain factions.

2) Headshot Build

Baza Prime Headshot Build

With the Baza Prime Headshot build, we have taken out the elemental mods and Heavy Caliber to focus more on physical damage while also retaining the weapon’s accuracy.

Adding Galvanized Scope and Hammer Shot improves the critical prowess of the weapon greatly, allowing you to score several critical hits in seconds.

Dealing a headshot just once will buff your weapon, improving its critical chance for a short duration but this can be reset every time another headshot is dealt.

3) Status Build

Baza Prime Status Build

The Baza Prime has a lower status chance than its critical chance but that doesn’t mean the weapon can have its status built.

We have included several mods that improved the damage and status chance, providing it with two elemental combinations.

This gives the weapon a higher chance of inflicting status effects while also boosting its damage, making it even deadlier against certain enemies based on the elemental combination.

4) Hybrid Build

Baza Prime Hybrid Build

Sometimes a pinch of both critical damage and status effects can hit enemies in the right spot, which is why we settled to try out a hybrid build for the Baza Prime.

The critical chance has still been bolstered to 84% with this build when we have an increase in status chance to inflict status effects.

Enemies will take additional damage due to the elemental combinations and status effects while also suffering from the heavy hits from the critical damage.

Baza Prime Riven Suggestions

The Baza Prime is more than capable of taking down enemies with ease and in the case you decide to use a Riven Mod to enhance it, there are several options to go for.

Some of the best stats to get with a Baza Prime Riven would be damage, multishot, critical chance, or elemental damage.

These will further increase the weapon’s potential and can be used to replace any similar mods to further boost the weapon to a higher standard.

Is The Baza Prime Good?

Based on our tests, the Baza Prime is an exceptional weapon since it has all the right stats that you would need for a weapon.

Sure, its damage may not be as high as most weapons but this can be made up for with Heavy Caliber, critical damage, or the addition of elemental damage mods.

It has a high magazine size and fast fire rate, making it easy to unleash a barrage of bullets upon your enemies, leaving almost no one standing when it’s time to reload.


Not only is the Baza Prime a decent weapon, but it can also be used on tougher missions thanks to the stats it has compared to the regular Baza.

This weapon has an insane critical chance which can even reach orange to red crits based on the way you mod it as well as with the use of certain Warframe abilities.

The Baza Prime is a testament to the saying that size does not matter because this submachine gun can certainly pack a punch and leave a lot of corpses in your wake.

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