Warframe Dual Kamas Prime Build 2023 Guide

Warframe Dual Kamas Prime Melee Weapon

If you are ready to slice up enemies like a true space ninja, the Dual Kamas Prime is an excellent weapon to get your hands on.

These twin kamas are a deadly pair to wield and can easily dish out a lot of damage in seconds thanks to their quick attack speed.

The Dual Kamas Prime is the Prime variant of the original Dual Kamas, featuring an insane boost in damage, critical chance, status chance, and more.

How To Get Dual Kamas Prime (Void Relics)?

Dual Kamas Blueprint

  • Axi N3 (Vaulted)
  • Axi V1 (Vaulted)
  • Axi V5 (Vaulted)
  • Lith K4 (Vaulted)
  • Lith L3 (Vaulted)
  • Lith S6 (Vaulted)
  • Neo T1 (Vaulted)
  • Neo V1 (Vaulted)

Dual Kamas Blade

  • Axi D3 (Vaulted)
  • Meso D1 (Vaulted)
  • Meso D5 (Vaulted)

Dual Kamas Prime Handle

  • Axi A1 (Vaulted)
  • Meso F1 (Vaulted)
  • Meso N1 (Vaulted)
  • Neo D4 (Vaulted)
  • Neo N12 (Vaulted)

Dual Kamas Prime Market Prices

The Dual Kamas Prime has been vaulted for some time, which makes the Dual Kamas Set price increase and it has currently reached around 130 – 170 Platinum.

The Dual Kamas Prime price may be different for each part and it also depends on who is selling them and when but they are usually around the following:

  • Dual Kamas Prime Blueprint Price: 10 – 20 Platinum
  • Dual Kamas Prime Blade Price: 45 – 60 Platinum
  • Dual Kamas Prime Handle Price: 4 – 15 Platinum

Take note that the Dual Kamas Prime requires 1 Blueprint, 2 Blades, and 2 Handles.

Dual Kamas Prime Crafting Requirements

Dual Kamas Prime Blueprint

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Dual Kamas Blade
  • 2 Dual Kamas Handle

Dual Kamas Prime Stats

The Dual Kamas Prime allows you to deal swift attacks and has a decent critical chance along with a high status chance, perfect for different builds.

The following are Dual Kamas Prime’s stats:


Attack Speed


Blocking Angle

Combo Duration


Follow Through



Slam Attack

Slam Radial Damage


Slam Radius

Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier












Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind Up


Dual Kamas Prime Builds

1) Critical Build V1 (Physical Damage)

Dual Kamas Prime Critical Build V1

The Dual Kamas Prime has a decent critical chance, which makes it a good choice for modding it to dish out more critical hits often.

This combination focuses on dealing high amounts of physical damage, allowing you to get harder hits when you attack your enemies.

Focusing mainly on slash damage, this build includes Spoiled Strike to sacrifice a bit of attack speed for even more damage.

2) Critical Build V2 (Elemental Damage)

Dual Kamas Prime Critical Build V2

Not everyone is a fan of purely physical damage and critical hits, sometimes a little elemental touch can do a lot of damage.

This works well against certain factions and every once in a while, you can still inflict status effects thanks to the weapon’s high status chance.

This build contains an elemental combination that can be changed to deal more damage against certain enemies as well as force status effects on them.

3) Maiming Strike Build

Dual Kamas Prime Maiming Strike Build

One of the more traditional critical builds in Warframe for melee weapons is the Maiming Strike build, also known as spin to win.

This build requires that you attack your enemies and build up your combo meter to boost your critical chance even more to ensure critical hits.

Once you have a higher combo meter, you get an even better chance of doing a critical hit with a slide attack, which you can do repeatedly or now and then during your attacks.

4) Status Build

Dual Kamas Prime Status Build

If you’re a fan of inflicting enemies with status effects, this is the build to go as it ensures your enemies will suffer.

The combination of 4 elemental status mods ensures they get inflicted with status effects, based on which combinations you mix and match.

Enemies will suffer from status effects and take increased damage depending on what their weaknesses are if they match the elements you have picked out.

5) Hybrid Build

Dual Kamas Prime Hybrid Build

Mixing both critical and status in a single build will bring you the Dual Kamas Hybrid build, which focuses on both types of damage.

Enemies are guaranteed to be inflicted with status effects now and then, making them easier to kill thanks to Condition Overload.

To top it off, you also have the chance to score critical hits, making this build even deadlier as enemies will take several types of damage as they get sliced up.

Dual Kamas Prime Riven Suggestions

The Dual Kamas Prime is exceptional on its own and with the addition of a Dual Kamas Prime Riven, it becomes a beast on any mission.

Since it has a decent critical chance and great status chance, you can opt for a Riven that provides which one you prefer, if not both.

A critical on slide attack is a good choice for those who love spin to win while those who want basic stat boosts can always go with attack speed, damage, critical chance, or elemental damage.

Is The Dual Kamas Prime Good?

Using the Dual Kamas Prime is very fun for both new and experienced players, which is because it offers a good balance through its stats.

You can flawlessly dish out hits against enemies or pull off insane combos before finishing them off thanks to its fast attack speed and different stances.

When fully modded, the Dual Kamas Prime is capable of taking down high-level enemies with just a few hits, making it an easy tool to clear out enemies.


We consider the Dual Kamas Prime to be one of the most versatile melee weapons in the game and this has been one of the weapons we have used to progress a lot.

Back then, the Dual Kamas Prime was not considered to be strong due to its range but with the addition of Reach or Primed Reach, this is made up for.

All you need to do once these beasts are fully modded is to get within range of your enemies and start slicing them up into pieces.

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