How To Make Etheric Coldsnaps in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

It appears that even the Eliksni love treats during The Dawning and Variks is no exception, he favors Etheric Coldsnaps.

Etheric Coldsnaps is one of the goodies that can be baked during Destiny 2’s The Dawning event, which can be done with Eva’s Holiday Oven.

You can give Etheric Coldsnaps to Variks after baking them and in return, he will also have something to thank you with.

How To Make Etheric Coldsnaps?

Etheric Coldsnaps can be baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven, which becomes accessible once you obtain it during The Dawning from Eva Levante.

Etheric Coldsnaps Ingredients:

  • 1 Chitin Powder
  • 1 Electric Flavor
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

Once all of the materials have been obtained, you can access Eva’s Holliday Oven from the quest stab and bake Etheric Coldsnaps.

Etheric Coldsnaps UsesD2 Etheric Coldsnaps

“Deliver this frozen delicacy to Variks on Europa”

Etheric Coldsnaps can be given to Varis on Europa and he will give you a Dawning Delivery as a thank-you gift.

The Dawning Delivery will be opened immediately and you will receive a random reward which can be Glimmer, legendary gear, or more.

Best Way to Farm Etheric Coldsnaps Ingredients

Obtaining Chitin Powder can be done by defeating Hive enemies as they have a chance to drop it when defeated.

To get Electric Flavor, you will need to use Arc Damage when defeating enemies, which includes both abilities and weapons.

The best way for you to obtain both would be to use Arc abilities and weapons to defeat multiple Hive enemies.


A good idea would be to go to Lost Sectors where there are Hive enemies because this will ensure you get the final blows.

Ingredients drop by chance and you should expect that you will need to defeat a bunch of enemies if you want to get a good amount.

Variks will love the Etheric Coldsnaps and the more you give him, the more chances of getting different goodies you have.

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