How to Get Polymorphic Shellcode in Destiny 2

Season of Defiance has introduced a lot of activities that can be done in Neomuna, which includes the Partition missions that reward players with Pinnacle Gear.

These missions cannot just be accessed easily though as you will need to get your hands on a Polymorphic Shellcode.

Destiny 2 Polymorphic Shellcode

Polymorphic Shellcodes are items needed to access the Partition missions so that you can later reap rewards to increase your Power Level.

Where to Get Polymorphic Shellcode?

Polymorphic Shellcodes may be obtained only in Neomuna but these do not drop normally and can only be obtained by completing a certain bounty.

You can only obtain 1 Polymorphic Shellcode per week, which makes it an important mission to do during Season of Defiance.

How to Get Polymorphic Shellcode?

To get a Polymorphic Shellcode, you will need to obtain the Vex Incursion Countermeasures bounty (or similarly titled) which is available weekly from Nimbus.

Nimbus can be found at Strider’s Gate and will have the mission available if you have completed the Bleujay quest.

Completing all of the objectives listed in the bounty will allow you to claim the rewards from Nimbus, which includes the Polymorphic Shellcode.

Polymorphic Shellcode Use

Polymorphic Shellcodes are required to access the Partition missions that rotate every week, which is where you will be able to do 1 out of 3 missions.

The weekly mission will be different each week as it rotates between a selection of 3 different Partition missions.

Defeating the boss within the mission will allow you to obtain Pinnacle Gear that can be used to upgrade your current ones. 

How To Complete Nimbus Weekly Bounty?

To complete Nimbus’ weekly bounty, you will need to do 2 objectives, which are to obtain a Polymorphic Engine and to collect Shellcode Fragments.

The Polymorphic Engine can be obtained by completing a Terminal Overload and using a key to open the second chest.

Shellcode Fragments can be obtained by defeating enemies within the Vex Incursion Zone using Strand damage.

Why Polymorphic Shellcode Not Dropping?

Polymorphic Shellcode does not drop from enemies and this may often be confused with Shellcode Fragments, which are needed for the bounty.

You will only obtain a Polymorphic Shellcode after completing the bounty given by Nimbus, which can be done from the quests menu.

Keep in mind that you can only get 1 Polymorphic Shellcode each week as the bounty will be on cooldown until the next reset.

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