Destiny 2 How To Complete The Spring of Power Quest

Destiny 2 The Spring of Power Quest

Fynch has become concerned about a certain fountain of power that Savathun calls the Wellspring, and needs your help with handling an issue.

The Hive and Scorn are currently fighting over this Spring of Power and it seems that you will need to get involved to make sure none of them keep it.

You will need to complete The Wellspring activity on the Throne World to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

How To Get The Spring of Power Quest?

The Spring of Power quest can be obtained by Fynch after you have met with him and progressed further on Savathun’s Throne World.

How To Complete The Spring of Power Quest?

Complete a Wellspring Activity

As an introduction to the Wellspring activities, The Spring Of Power serves merely as a quest that unlocks this for Guardians. 

You simply need to open the Destinations tab and select Savathun’s Throne World and there you will find the Wellspring activity, which is at The Court of Thrones.

When the Wellspring activity begins, you and the team will have to fight through enemies and complete the objectives to stop enemies from obtaining the Spring of Power. 

This activity will begin with matchmaking, searching for up to 6 players in total but will start if none are found. Eventually, players may join you during the mission if slots are available.

The Spring of Power Rewards

Completing “The Spring of Power” quest will unlock the Wellspring activities which provide you with rewards from a drop table that changes daily.


The Wellspring is one of the main activities that you will be doing from time to time on Savathun’s Throne World.

This activity has two different variants which can rotate, providing you with different rewards (shown before you start) each day.

Completing this mission will prevent the Hive and Scorn from taking control, but eventually, they will come back to attempt to take over once more.

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