Destiny 2 Born in Darkness Part 2 Quest Steps

D2 Born In Darkness Part 2 Quest

After recovering a journal that mainly belonged to Clovis, the Exo Stranger has questions that need to be answered.

To find the answers, she will need your help once again but this time to decrypt a portion of the journal that has been found.

You will need to empower the Skeleton Key to create enough energy to be used in the decryption process.

How To Get Born in Darkness Part 2 Quest?

The Born in Darkness Part 2 quest is obtained after you have discovered and completed the Born in Darkness Part 1 quest.

You can start the first Born in Darkness quest by speaking with the Exo Stranger on Europa in Beyond.

Born in Darkness Part 2 Quest Steps

Step 1: Defeat Vex on Europa and Get Stasis Shatter Final Blows

Once again you will need to begin empowering the Skeleton Key and the Exo Stranger believes that the radiolarian fluid within Vex enemies has the energy to do so. To empower them, you will need to make use of Stasis abilities to help you empower the Skeleton Key while defeating Vex enemies.

You will need to find Vex on Europa and defeat them for their energy and will have to get Stasis to shatter final blows.

Step 2: Complete Playlist Activities with Stasis Subclass and Use Stasis Abilities 

The Exo Stranger wants you to empower the Skeleton Key even more to decrypt Clovis’s journal. The Exo Stranger wants you to empower the Skeleton Key even more to decrypt Clovis’s journal. The use of Stasis to defeat enemies and even Guardians is believed to be a key to empowering the Skeleton Key.

To empower the Skeleton Key you will have to finish playlist activities while having the Stasis subclass equipped and use Stasis abilities during them.

Step 3: Defeat the House Salvation Fallen Platoon

As the Skeleton Key nears empowerment, the Exo Stranger believes one last boost is needed and suggests that energy from combatants near a Crux will work. You will need to head to a House Salvation Fallen platoon near the Crux of Darkness in Riis-Reborn Approach and clear them out.

Go to Riis-Reborn Approach and clear out the House Salvation Fallen platoon to further empower the Skeleton Key.

Step 4: Bring the Skeleton Key to the Exo Stranger

Now that the Skeleton Key has been fully empowered, you will need to rendezvous with the Exo Stranger. This will allow both of you to decrypt Clovis’s journal to figure out what information lies within it.

You will have to make your way to the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge (Europa) and find the Exo Stranger within.

Step 5: Regroup with the Exo Stranger in Beyond

Because of your help, more data has now been recovered. The Exo Stranger now has another Stasis-related gift for you that may prove useful to your arsenal. You are to meet up with her back at 

Head on back to the Drifter and speak to him for your rewards.

Born In Darkness Part 2 Quest Rewards

Completing the Born In Darkness Part 2 quest will unlock the Stasis Grenade ability for your stasis subclass.

Additionally, the Born in Darkness Part 3 quest will be obtained as a reward when completing the quest.


Thanks to your help, the Exo Stranger was now able to decrypt a portion of Clovis Bray’s journal although the results were not what she had expected.

Although Clovis found Stasis and enhanced it, he didn’t know what to do with it and this led to more questions that needed to be answered.

The remainder of his journal will point in the right direction but it needs to be decrypted once more and the Exo Stranger knows just where to do it.

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