Warframe Sarofang Build Guide

Warframe Sarofang Builds

One of the most efficient ways of getting rid of your enemies is slicing them swiftly and to make things even quicker, you could pull them all together before you begin.

This is exactly what you can do with the Sarofang as it is an extremely lethal killing tool capable of dispatching multiple enemies within seconds.

It could deal high amounts of damage and once its combo meter reaches a certain amount, it can pull enemies with a slam attack.

Sarofang Builds

1) Spinning Death Build (Maiming Strike Build)

When it comes to heavy damaging weapons and a good swing range, the traditional Maiming Strike build always has its way of serving its purpose.

This critical damage build can deal a ton of damage after boosting your combo meter and adding spin attacks in between combos.

Spoiled Strike can be replaced with another mod, but it is a good way to deal extra damage to make the build even more painful to enemies who get hit.

2) Critical Axe Build (Elemental Critical Build)

The Critical Axe Build is another critical chance build that focuses on dishing out tons of damage to enemies utilizing the different attacks of the Sarofang.

With the Sarofang’s base damage and its decent stats, the mods in this build make it even deadlier and capable of destroying higher-level enemies.

Building up your combo meter will increase the critical chance of this weapon, making it easier to deal continuous critical damage to enemies.

3) Gladiator Axe Build (Gladiator Set Build)

If you are familiar with the abilities provided by the Gladiator Set, you may understand the builds can provide you with a heap of critical damage.

With its ability to increase the tier of critical hits, you can deal even more damage to enemies and the added stats of the mods provide you with better combat efficiency.

This build works best when your Warframe is also equipped with Gladiator Mods to get the most out of the effects when in a fight.

4) Status Overload Build (Condition Overload Build)

The Sarofang is capable of more than just killing enemies with sheer damage, it can also inflict enemies with status effects.

With this build, you can inflict multiple status effects upon your enemies and the addition of Condition Overload to the build will help you deal even more damage to them.

Arranging the Elemental Status Mods will allow you to choose which combination of elements you want for dealing increased damage to certain enemies or inflicting specific status effects.

5) Hybrid Axe Build (Hybrid Build)

Taking things up a notch, we have the Hybrid Axe Build, which takes both properties from critical builds and status builds to have a mixture of death.

This build allows you to decimate enemies with a combination of heavy hits along with the chance of inflicting them with status effects.

The addition of Condition Overload makes it easier to deal more damage and will help scale the damage you do based on how many status effects your enemies are suffering from.


Overall, the Sarofang can deal a great amount of damage, and not only do these builds provide good ways to kill enemies, but they also work well with the Sarofangs special ability.

Utilizing the ability to pull enemies with a heavy slam attack, you can easily set up large groups of enemies to take a huge pounding once they are clamped together.

The Sarofang is one deadly weapon and its ability to cut enemies into pieces makes it one of the deadliest weapons introduced in its time.