Warframe Perigale Build 2023 Guide

Perigale Builds

The release of the Lua’s Prey update brought a new powerful Sniper Rifle into our hands, the Perigale, Voruna’s signature primary weapon.

The Perigale can deal high amounts of damage in mere seconds but has a slight drawback, which is its low ammo capacity.

While it does have its shortcomings, it makes up for it by using a buff that causes it to have unlimited ammo for a few seconds after dealing with consecutive headshots.

Perigale Builds

1) Headshot Build (High Critical Damage Build)

The Headshot Build is simply a critical build that utilized the Galvanized Scope to add even more critical prowess to the build.

Since you will want to be targeting the heads of your enemies to utilize the Perigale’s buff that increases ammo efficiency, adding the headshot mod will improve it further.

Speed Trigger has been added to the build to improve the fire rate of the weapon, but accuracy is a must if you are to make full use of the weapon.

2) Critical Barrage Build (Fire Rate Critical Build)

Our Critical Barrage Build is a modification of the Headshot or Critical build and focuses more on fire rate to deal more damage within a smaller period.

Once the Perigale’s buff is activated, you will be able to go crazy with the unlimited ammo and deal as much damage as possible before needing to reactivate it.

If you want to focus on increasing the Critical Chance further, you can replace one of the fire rate mods with Galvanized Scope or Argon Scope.

3) Hybrid Rounds Build (Critical and Status Build)

Combining both the capabilities of the Perigale with Critical Chance and Status Chance, we have a hybrid build, capable of causing severe damage.

With an increase in Critical Chance, you can score high amounts of damage while the addition of mods that increase status chance can help debuff enemies.

Altering the status mods can help make the Perigale do increased damage against certain enemies or apply specific Status Effects to them.

4) Status Barrage Build (Fire Rate Status Build)

For players who value status effects and high amounts of damage, we have the Status Barrage Build, which focuses more on elemental damage.

With this build, the Status Chance of the Perigale is greatly increased, allowing you to fire several shots at enemies to deal more damage and inflict status effects.

Once you get a good burst on an enemy’s head to activate the buff, you can start spraying enemies with highly damaging rounds.


It is a good idea to avoid adding mods that will reduce the accuracy of the Perigale but this can still work if you attack enemies at a closer range.

You’re most likely going to want to score headshots to activate the Perigale’s buff to make use of the infinite ammo it has for a short amount of time.

This weapon is pretty much a buffed-up version of Knell and can pack a punch to almost any enemy when it has been modded well.