Akstiletto Prime Build 2022 Guide

The Akstiletto Prime, a secondary weapon, is pair of machine pistols and the Prime variant of the Akstiletto which was originally designed by the Tenno.



The Akstiletto Prime is the Prime variant of the Akstiletto, retaining most of its stats with a few changed as well.


The Akstiletto Prime has the following base stats:


  • Accuracy: Has an accuracy of 23.5
  • Critical Chance: Has a 15% chance to deal critical hits per shot. (18% for Akstiletto)
  • Critical Multiplier: Shots deal 2x more damage on critical hits. (1.8 for Akstiletto)
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 7.08 projectiles per second. (10for Akstiletto)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 40 shots per magazine. (28 for Akstiletto)
  • Noise: Shots are alarming and will alert enemies when fired.
  • Reload: Takes 1.1 seconds to reload a new magazine.
  • Status: Has a 30% chance to proc status effects per shot. (18% for Akstiletto)
  • Trigger: Automatic – weapon fires and continues to fire when trigger is held down.
  • Damage Types: Deals 21.6 Impact, 3.6 Puncture and 10.8 Slash Damage (16.8 Impact, 2.8 Puncture and 8.4 Slash Damage for Akstiletto)

The Akstiletto Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 10 before it may be used by players and built using its blueprints and Prime parts.

  • Contains all 3 physical damage types
  • Moderate base damage
  • High status
  • Moderate critical chance
  • High fire rate
  • High accuracy
  • No projectile travel time
  • Great range
  • 2 Polarities
  • Fast reload speed
  • Requires mastery rank of 10
  • No elemental damage
  • Small magazine capacity
  • Small max ammo capacity


The Akstiletto Prime may be crafted with its blueprint and parts which may be obtained by opening relics or by trading with other players.


These contain the blueprint and parts required to craft the Akstiletto Prime:

  • Blueprint: Lith A1, Lith A2, Neo A1
  • Barrel: Lith H1, Meso K1, Axi A1, Axi A2
  • Link: Meso O1, Neo N5, Axi N1
  • Receiver: Axi H1, Axi K1, Axi O1, Axi T1

All of the relics are currently vaulted but ones that players currently possess may still be opened.

Sample Builds

The Akstiletto Prime has a combination of good stats along with only a few drawbacks suck as magazine capacity.

Since it is an automatic weapon. It tends to deplete its magazine quickly but modding to increase its damage output put will require you to deal less shots.

Making use of status effects or critical hits will make up for its low ammo capacity requiring less shots to kill enemies.

Below are a few sample builds:

Critical Damage Build


This build uses Hornet Strike and Magnum Force to increase the overall damage of the build.

For Critical Damage and Multiplier, we add Primed Pistol Gambit/Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker/Target Cracker.

Multishot is added to the build with the addition of Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion.

Elemental Damage is added to the build by added 2 elemental damage mods of your choice to form a combination that you choose.

This build focuses on dealing a decent amount of critical damage with the added bonus damage from the elemental combination you have selected.

Certain enemies will take additional damage based on their resistances and the elemental combination you have chosen.


Status Build


Setting aside critical attributes, this build focuses more on elemental damage and status effects.

With the four elemental damage and status mods, you get a huge boost in status chance as well as a combination of 2 secondary elements.

Hornet Strike and Auger Pact will add to the base damage of your weapon.

Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent will add multishot to the build and an increased rate of fire.

This build focuses on dealing elemental damage and a high chance for status effects to deal additional damage to enemies and weaken them.


Hybrid Build


The Hybrid build basically combines both of the previously mentioned builds.

Taking advantage of both the status and critical chance of the weapon and adding mods will make the Akstiletto Prime deal a good amount of damage in different ways.


These are not the only builds available for the Akstiletto Prime, but they are pretty useful in many situations.

There are tons of ways to mod this weapon and it all can vary depending on the user and their choice of mods.


Given its good status chance and moderate critical chance the Akstiletto Prime makes up with its less than sufficient amount of magazine capacity along with its accuracy and good rate of fire.

Regardless of what build it has, it retains a good chance to deal status effects and when modded well can be suitable for different types of enemies.

The Akstiletto Prime is a favorite of many due to its modding possibilities and its good base stats.


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