Guide on Defeating Ambulas in 2022

Warframe Ambulas

(Ambulas shown when encountered in mission)

Ambulas are boss units of Corpus design, created with for extreme combat and meant to easily destroy their targets.

These are heavily armored and can deal great amounts of damage to those who are not prepared to face them in a fight.

In this mission you will need to deal damage to them to bring them down and hack them for greater plan against Frohd Bek.



The Ambulas may be encountered on the Hades mission on Pluto.

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Special Rewards

Trinity Parts


(Trinity parts acquired from mission)

Completing the Hades mission on Pluto will result in the acquisition of one of Trinity’s parts for crafting the Warframe.

Defeating Ambulas will allow players to receive one of the following rewards:

Trinity Neuroptics:  38.72%

Trintiy Chassis: 38.72%

Trinity Systems: 22.56%


Animo Nav Beacons


Animo Nav Beacons are required to do the Hades mission on Pluto and you will need 20 in order to start the mission.

Where To Get Animo Nav Beacons?


Animo Nav Beacons can be obtained from Ambulas on other missions that are considered Open Air Corpus Tilesets which basically are Corpus maps that have air space for Condor Dropships to drop reinforcements.

It is advised to farm Animo Nav Beacon on Pluto missions as the high level of the missions guarantees a better chance to encounter Ambulas for farming Animo Nav Beacon.

These ships have a chance to dispatch Ambulas during missions which can be fought and later on hacked.

How To Get Animo Nav Beacons?


After taking down an Ambulas, you must hack it and after a successful hack it will drop an amount of Animo Nav Beacon which can later on be used to do the Hades mission on Pluto.

How To Defeat Ambulas?


You will begin by entering as if infiltrating the Corpus facility similar to other missions in the starting scene.


From there on you will need to head towards the waypoint shown on your screen where the fight against the Ambulas will take place.


Fight through the Corpus units or run through them, whichever is more comfortable for you as you make your way towards the Ambulas.


Once you arrive at the location proceed by heading towards the marked location where the battle will begin and be prepared for an intense fight.


A cutscene will appear and you will encounter the Ambulas for the first time during the mission.

Familiarize yourself with the area and prepare to use the environment for cover when necessary.


Begin by targeting the Ambulas as they are the main focus of the mission but be cautious as more Corpus units will be arriving to aid in taking down you and your squad.

Aim for the Ambulas and attack it until you deplete its life until it goes into a downed status where you may then approach it.


The Ambulas will be vulnerable and you must use this opportunity to hack it for the plan that has been prepared for later on.

Be sure to clear out enemies that may be around you as they may still target you while you hack the Ambulas which could lead to your death.


Once you have hacked the Ambulas, enemies will attempt to hack them as well in order to restore them which you must prevent.

A timer will begin to countdown which shows how long you will need to defend the Ambulas from the enemies attempts to hacking them.

If an enemy hacks an Ambulas you will need to take it down again, hack it and wait for the time to finish again.


After the timer expires, the hacked Ambulas that you successfully repelled the Corpus from will be collected by a dropship where an unsuspecting surprise that has been devised continues as planned.


More Ambulas will spawn in and you will have to repeat this process until you have delivered the amount of Ambulas that are required.

This may take some time if you are unable to successfully defend the Ambulas so it would be wise to bring Warframes that have crowd control or can take enemies down easily.


The more Ambulas you have delivered, means the more aggressive the enemy will be which results in more enemies being spawned as well as different types of Corpus units appearing.

Also the main ship will attempt to attack you with rocket-like beam projectiles and a powerful beam that can deal excessive amounts of damage.

Bringing a Warframe that can protect you and your squad against such attacks may greatly increase the chances for survival and a successful mission.

Using operator Void Mode can help avoid such attacks and can help you if you do not have any defensive Warframes on your squad.


Once you are down to the final Ambulas, the dropship will collect them as usual but at this point you and your team will not be engaged like you were earlier.

Basically after the last Ambulas, the fight is over and the rest is just a scene which you may view before the mission allows you to extract.


The dropship will bring the final Ambulas back with it and a conversation will begin leading to the revealing of the plot that had been going on all along.


The main ship will begin to take damage from the Ambulas that had been hacked and will end up exploding, thus symbolizing your victory in the mission.

Once the ending scene is over, you may proceed to the extraction point to end the mission.



The Ambulas is a heavy armored unit which appears to be a severely upgraded version of the MOAs that appear on Corpus missions.

It will attack with explosive rounds, lasers and the common jump slam attack similar to other MOAs and more.

You will need to be equipped with well modded weapon if you plan on dealing damage to this heavily armored unit.

Instead of retaining the plain and simply robotic constructed parts as its lower counter parts, the Ambulas features heavier armor in all areas, showing little weakness and a large weapon on its top.

Having more health than shields, it is best to go for damage against robotic and alloy armor which can be done easily using radiation damage.

Using Radiation as a main weapon will deal bonus damage to both robotic and alloy armor, giving you more damage against the Ambulas.



Using radiation damage against the Ambulas proves to be very effective, especially with shotgun weapons and one of the most suggested weapons to easily take it down would be the ArcaPlasmor or other weapons that can easily be modded for radiation.

Moving around fast will help you maneuver around the Ambulas as they are not that fast and their actions can easily be predicted, allowing you the chance to react before it attacks you.

Some Warframes may use crowd control abilities to slow or temporarily stop the Ambulas in its tracks while others can be sturdy enough to withstand its damage.

Making use of the environment as cover from the main ship can prove useful if no defensive Warframes are available.


Upon the successful extraction from the mission, you will be rewarded a random Trinity Warframe part which can be used later on in crafting her.

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