Warframe Harrow Build 2024 Guide


Harrow is a dark monk-like priest who had been locked away and finally unleashed, he focuses on keeping his squad alive and ready for battle.

He is a very supportive Warframe, being able to maintain his team’s health, energy and even preventing them from certain death along with being able to buff them to increase combat prowess.

How to Get Harrow?



Harrow’s blueprint is rewarded upon the completion of the Chains of Harrow quest.

His parts are obtained on different missions which are:

  • Neuroptics: Reward for rotation C from spy mission Pago at Kuva Fortress
  • Chassis: Dropped from corrupted enemies
  • Systems: Reward for rotations B & C on Defection missions

Harrow may be purchased for the amount of 225 Platinum, already built.

Other Popular Builds Guide



Harrow has the ability to trap enemies in chains, sacrifice his shields to buff his squad, provide energy regeneration for his team via kills and preventing damage to him and his team.

His passive ability is Conviction which grants him a 200% more overshields which allows him to have 2400 overshields.

1) Condemn


Harrow sends forth chains to hold his enemies and grant him additional shields per enemy hit.

This is great for crowd control as well as giving Harrow shields when he needs it such as situations where he is under attack or when he needs more shields to improve the overall effect of his Penance ability.

(In the below image you can see Harrow casting Condemn on enemies)


2) Penance


Harrow sacrifices his shields to grant his team life steal, increased rate of fire and reload speed for a duration of time.

The more shields Harrow has, the better the effects of the buffs.

This is a great skill not only for supporting the team but himself as well as this increases the survivability of Harrow and his squad as well as their damage output.

(In the below image you can see Harrow casting the Penance ability)


3) Thurible


Harrow starts channeling, using his energy to create a radius around him where any enemy killed will grant energy, while headshots do the same but at a greater amount.

This ability makes sure the squad has a supply of energy and along with Penance, this makes the team almost unstoppable due to the infinite supply of health and mana.

(In the below image you can see Harrow channeling Thurible)


(In the below image you can see Harrow gaining energy from killing enemies under effects of Thurible)



Augment Mod: Warding Thurible reduces the amount of damage allies take while the ability is being channeled and grants additional energy.

4) Covenant


Harrow breaks free from his chains and causes him and his allies to be invulnerable for a duration and as they are being attacked by enemies, the damage that has been absorbed is converted into critical chance.

This ability is one of the best abilities out there, not only do you become invulnerable but you gain a huge amount of critical chance after.

This can be used to accumulate damage or save members of your squad when the situation demands it.

(In the below image you can see Harrow casting Covenant)




Augment Mod: Lasting Covenant causes headshot kills to increase the critical chance timer during covenant.

Suggested Builds

Duration Build


This build mainly focuses on making Covenant last long, allowing Harrow and his team to have a lot of time to react during invulnerability followed by a long timer when they have the critical chance buff.

His crowd control ability, Condemn will hold enemies long and works great for making enemies easy targets or making opening for him and his team.

The duration of Harrows buffs will increase greatly, guaranteeing him and his team are well set for long durations of combat.

(In the below image you can see Loot dropping from afar along with health conversion showing)


Strength Build


This build focuses on having a higher amount of ability strength with Harrow, which will increase the effects of his buffs as well as cause Condemn to grant him more shields per enemy.

Covenant will increase the critical chance Harrow and his squad get faster due to the decent ability strength of the build.

Harrow will have a decent amount of health and shields which makes him suitable for combat with this build and along with is buffs and abilities, he becomes unstoppable.

(In the below image you can see Shadows of the Dead killing enemies)


Range Build


This build focuses on increasing the range of Harrows buffs so allies may roam a bit far from him yet still gain the benefits from his abilities.

Condemn will have a longer range making it easy to deal crowd control as well as target more enemies for overshields.

This ability is useful in areas where the team do not stay in one place and would help cover most areas with the squad to provide them with decent buffs.



Harrow may be a complex Warframe to obtain at first but it is rewarding in the end as he can allow himself and his squad to last very long in battle.

Being able to grant his team with everything they need to survive, Harrow is one of the best support Warframes and once you give him a good set of weapons, he himself becomes an unstoppable killer in missions.

Harrow’s Covenant ability is one of the best abilities in the game as it can prevent players from certain death or allow teams to charge forwards without fear of being damaged.

Aside from being a good support Warframe, Harrow is also great for dealing damage and improving battle capabilities for any squad.

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  1. Harrow is by far the coolest lore wise. More relevant and with most potential for further lore development. One of the most flavorful kits.


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