Warframe Citrine Build Guide

Warframe Citrine Build

Citrine the crystalline support Warframe is more than just a helper on the team, she is more than capable of holding her own in battle.

This Warframe has abilities that protect her allies and keep them fighting longer, making her an asset to any team.

When modded well, she is capable of being an offensive, defensive, and support Warframe that can alter the result of any mission.

Citrine Builds

1) Balanced Build (Basic Build)

Citrine Balanced Build

This build allows Citrine to cast all of her abilities freely to ensure that they are all effective and boosted to some point.

You can always replace Augur Reach, Augur Message, or Vitality with Flow or Primed Flow to be able to spam her abilities.

This build can be modified later on to suit your play style and is best used for players who are using this Warframe for the first time.

All of Citrine’s abilities become useful with this build and she can continue to dish out damage and support herself and her squad to the fullest.

2) Spammer Build (High Efficiency and Ability Strength)

Citrine Spammer Build

This build focuses on having a decent amount of ability strength when casting her abilities, allowing her to deal a good amount of damage and protect her allies with Preserving Shell.

With this build, you will be able to cast Fractured Blast repeatedly as well as Crystallize to disable your enemies.

You can also protect your allies with Preserving Shell by a great deal and also deploy Prismatic Gem for additional offense or defense.

With the ability to continuously use your abilities in battle, you can easily conquer enemies that get in your way.

3) Crowd Control Build (Range and Duration Build)

Citrine Crowd Control Build

Citrine excels when it comes to disabling enemies as Fractured Blast and Crystallize are good ways to stop enemies in their tracks.

With this build, Fractured Blast can be cast and will affect several enemies in a large range, allowing you to force a lot of them to drop Health Orbs as well as Energy Orbs.

This makes it easy to build up Citrines Passive while Crystallize can be used to take care of enemies that are harder to take out.

With this build, you can easily disable enemies so that your allies can move in to finish them off or simply do it yourself.

4) Gladiator Build (Melee Bruiser Build)

Citrine Gladiator Build

If you are a fan of meeting your enemies up close in combat, this is the build for you as it improves the critical chance of your attacks.

This makes it perfect for when you are using a melee weapon with Gladiator Mods equipped, allowing you to complete all the mods in it.

With this build you can also cast your abilities to a certain extent, allowing you to continue using Fractured Blast as well as Preserving Shell in battle.

You can still use Prismatic Gem if needed and Crystallize will be a good way to dish out damage to enemies that are a bit tough to crack.


Citrine was originally meant to support her team but it appears her abilities make her quite the offensive fighter as well.

Since she can boost the health regeneration of herself and her allies and protect them from damage, she can also go in and battle coming out unscarred.

These builds allow her to use her abilities depending on certain situations and will allow her to survive even the Steel Path when necessary.

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