Destiny 2 Stealing Stasis Mission Walkthrough

D2 Stealing Stasis Mission

  • Mission Type: Exotic Weapon Mission
  • Mission Location: Riis Reborn, Europa
  • Recommended Power Level: 1350

The time has come for you to infiltrate the Fallen city and search for where they are hiding the prototype Stasis weapon.

You will need to fight your way into the city and head toward the weapon’s location and take it from the Fallen.

During this mission, you will be able to obtain the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher, which you can later on keep.

How To Get Stealing Stasis Mission?

The Stealing Stasis mission becomes available and is required to complete during step 6 of the Exotic Quest called The Stasis Prototype.

Stealing Stasis Mission Objectives

1) Destroy Ether Tanks

Your first task once you arrive will be to destroy the Ether Tanks scattered around the area, which you can do by dealing damage to them.

You can check your radar to see where you need to go so you can destroy the ether tanks as you proceed through the Fallen city.

A total of 20 Ether Tanks need to be destroyed.

2) Find the Weapon

Continue fighting your way through the Falling who are scattered around the city and keep heading towards the waypoint.

Eventually, you will reach the location where the prototype Stasis weapon is being kept.

3) Steal the Weapon

Once you enter the room where the weapon is being kept, you will need to hack 3 devices that are powering a barrier protecting it.

After the barrier has been taken down, head to the weapon and steal it by interacting with it.

4) Escape the Fallen City

You will need to make a run for it once you have obtained the weapon as there will be several Fallen enemies spawning in the area.

Head towards the waypoint which will lead you out of the Fallen city and Spider will contact you.

Once you are outside, the area will be on lockdown and a huge barrier will be preventing your escape, which requires that you destroy the generators.

The generators themselves will be protected by barriers and you will need to defeat the enemies guarding them first to destroy them by shooting explosive objects.

A Fallen Commodore will appear in the area and you will need to take it down with the help of Spider’s associates.

There will be a dialogue between Ghost and Spider after you have defeated the Fallen Commodore and afterward, the mission will end.

Stealing Stasis Reward

During the Stealing Stasis mission, you will be able to obtain the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher and will be able to keep it.


  • You can run past most of the enemies during the first few objectives, allowing you to save time and finish the mission faster
  • It is not required for you to use the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Rocket Launcher once you have obtained it
  • The Fallen Commodore is a large enemy and can deal a lot of damage but you can hide and wait for it to attack Spider’s associates before attacking again


The Fallen have now lost their experimental Stasis weapon and won’t be able to use it against the Vanguard as they planned.

It is now yours to keep and you can use it to deal mayhem with its Stasis properties, but The Drifter may want to have a look at it.

You have successfully taken a deadly weapon off of the Fallen’s hands and have now added a new weapon to your collection, a 2 birds 1 stone situation.

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