Destiny 2: Quid Pro Quo Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Quid Pro Quo Quest

Destiny 2 has several game types for you to enjoy when you are not out focusing on the seasonal activities or doing story-related quests.

One of the most popular amongst the game types is the Gambit match, a mixture of both PVE and PVP, set up by the Drifter for Guardians to reap in rewards for their hard efforts.

The Quid Pro Quo quest serves as an intro for Guardians who are starting out with Gambit matches and is meant to help them figure out the basics.

Quid Pro Quo Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete a Gambit match

Although the Vanguard doesn’t approve of the Drifter’s antics, he is still popular and this allows him to continue with his Gambit matches. As an introduction to the match type, you will need to complete a Gambit match.

Start a Gambit match and complete it from the Destinations menu.

Step 2: Earn Infamy 

The Drifter wishes to put your skills to the test and wants to see if you have what it takes, you will need to earn Gambit Rank Points during a match.

Earn 125 Gambit Rank Points.

Step 3: Earn More Infamy

Once again the Drifter wants to see if you got what it takes and now you need twice as many Gambit Rank Points as the last. You will need to do more Gambit matches until you obtain even more Gambit Rank Points.

Earn 250 Gambit Rank Points.

Step 4: Earn Even More Infamy

It looks like the Drifter is pushing you to the limits and now wants you to gain even more infamy than the previous time. You will need to get a ton of Gambit Rank Points this time to prove that you have what it takes.

Earn 500 Gambit Rank Points.

Step 5: Report Your Success to the Drifter 

You have proven yourself worthy this time and with all the participating you have been doing, the Drifter as well has been earning. Now it’s time you reap your rewards and speak with the Drifter in Town.

Head on back to the Drifter and speak to him for your rewards.

Quid Pro Quo Quest Rewards

The Quid Pro Quo quest serves mainly as a starter for those who will begin doing Gambit matches but you do earn a few goodies along the way.

Completing the quest rewards you with a good amount of experience as well as a piece of legendary armor.


The Drifter has taken the place after the passing of Cayde-6 but even if he will never be able to replace the hero, he still has proved useful in his ways.

Gaining all those Gambit Rank Points will most likely have served as a sort of tour of how the game mode works.

You will now have gotten quite used to the Gambit matches and may continue to earn higher ranks and reap more rewards.

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