Destiny 2 How to Complete Pirate Hideout The Beast Tamer

D2 Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer

  • Mission Type: Pirate Hideout (Season of Plunder)
  • Mission Location: 90 Antiope, Themis Cluster
  • Recommended Power Level: 1570

You have found the location of another Pirate Hideout and while Spider mentions you are good at removing thorns from their side, Drifter mentions this crew has teeth.

It appears that Alaaks, the Beast Tamer has a knack for taming Cabal War Beasts which he will most likely be commanding to attack you.

During this quest, you will find out that your crew is not the only one after these relics, which may cause quite a stir later.

How To Get Pirate Hideout The Beast Tamer?

During quest step 29 of the Season of Plunder Seasonal Quest, Sails of the Shipstealer, The Beast Tamer Mission will become available and your next task. Proceeding with the Seasonal Quest will require you to complete this mission.

Pirate Hideout The Beast Tamer Mission Objectives

1) Enter Alaaks, the Beast Tamer’s Hideout

The Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer starts with you being deployed at 90 Antiope and you will need to find the entrance of the hideout nearby.

Approach the waypoint and use your Skeleton Key by interacting with the door to enter the Beast Tamer’s hideout.

2) Investigate Alaaks’s Hideout

As you enter the Pirate Hideout, the Drifter will notice that something is wrong, as the crew has already been slaughtered.

This gives the impression that another force has attacked the pirate crew, which means you are not the only one after the Relic or someone is just looking for bloodshed.

A waypoint will mark where you will need to go, which is through a small opening nearby.

3) Get Past the Barricade

It will appear that a barricade has been set up which may be a sign that the pirate crew was able to fend off their attackers.

You will need to continue making your way through the small opening and head up until you reach the pirate crew’s hoarding room.

4) Take Down the Beast Tamer

Once you get through the barricade, you will find yourself in the pirate crew’s treasure hoard room, which is where the Beast Tamer will be.

Immediately, he will send his War Beasts to attack you, which are called War Beast Loyal to Alaaks and he will be invulnerable at this point.

To remove Alaaks’s invulnerability, you will need to defeat the War Beasts that are sent to attack you, and afterward, you can start damaging him.

As you deplete part of Alaaks’s health, he will become invulnerable again and send out more War Beasts to attack you, requiring that you defeat them before being able to attack him again.

Continue fighting off any War Beasts and damaging Alaaks until you have defeated him, which will remove a nearby barrier protecting the Relic.

5) Clear the Crew

After you have defeated Alaaks the Beast Tamer, you will need to clear out any of the remaining pirate crew members before you can obtain the Relic.

6) Claim the Relic

Once all the pirate crew members have been defeated, the Relic’s barrier will disappear and you can pick it up, completing the quest in the process.

Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer Rewards

Once you have completed the Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer, you will receive Glimmer and Legendary gear. Additionally, you also get the Relic which you can use to obtain Repute via the Seasonal Challenges of Season of Plunder.


  • Due to the pirate crew already being wiped out, you can easily make your way to the boss fight area in a short amount of time.
  • Focus on the War Beasts as soon as you can as they can deal a lot of damage along with the other enemies attacking you.
  • A good way to take out the War Beasts is to get them close to you and to jump out of the way to lob a grenade at them.
  • It may be a good idea to clear out the other crew members before attacking Alaaks to reduce the number of enemies attacking you.


After successfully defeating The Beast Tamer, you will have obtained another Relic that Mithrax and Eido may now study.

During the mission, it was discovered that your crew is not the only ones in the Relic hunting game and there may be another group after them.

You will need to take the Relic back for Eido and Mithrax to study, but first, report in at the Eliksni Quarter to know your next move.

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