How To Make Starwort Thins in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

The Dawning is a widely known event in the system and it even reaches the Exo Stranger, who has a favorite treat.

Bake Starwort Thins is a treat that can be baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven, which can later be given to the Exo Stranger for a reward.

Before you can bake Starwort Thins, you will first need to obtain specific ingredients that will be needed for it.

How To Make Starwort Thins?

Starwort Thins will need a certain amount of ingredients before you can bake it in Eva’s Holiday Oven which can be obtained during The Dawning.

Starwort Thins Ingredients:

  • 1 Dark Ether Cane
  • 1 Dark Frosting
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

After obtaining all of the ingredients, you can access Eva’s Holiday Oven via the quests tab and can bake the Starwort Thins there.

Starwort Thins UsesD2 Starwort Thins

“Deliver this timeless classic to the Exo Stranger on Europa.”

Starwort Thins can be given to the Exo Stranger on Europa during The Dawning, who will give you a Dawning Delivery in return.

Once you obtain the Dawning Delivery, it will automatically be opened and you will get a reward which may be Glimmer, legendary gear, or more.

Best Way to Farm Starwort Thins Ingredients

Dark Ether Can be obtained from the Scorn, which means you will need to go to a location where you can fight a lot of them.

Since Dark Frosting is also required, it would be best for you to damage them with Stasis abilities and weapons.

Targeting the Scorn and using Stasis will give you a better chance of getting both ingredients quickly to save time.


We recommend going to Lost Sectors when it comes to obtaining ingredients as this guarantees the final blows will be yours.

Using the previously mentioned criteria, you will be able to farm the ingredients within a small amount of time.

Giving gifts to the Exo Stranger will allow you to get random rewards from the Dawning Delivery gift she gives in return.

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