How To Get The Manticore & It’s Catalyst in Destiny 2 (2023)

Destiny 2 The Manticore Submachine Gun

The Manticore is an Exotic Submachine Gun that was introduced as the Seasonal Weapon in Season of the Seraph.

This weapon takes its name from the mythological creature known as a Manticore which probably explains what its passive does.

With this Exotic Submachine Gun, you can continuously cause mayhem while remaining airborne for a prolonged period, giving you an advantage over enemies.

How To Get The Manticore?

The Manticore is a Seasonal Weapon that was introduced in Season of the Seraph and becomes available as a seasonal reward when players reach Rank 35.

For those who have purchased a Season Pass, The Manticore will be available at Rank 1 for them to claim immediately.

After Season of the Seraph, players may still obtain The Manticore by purchasing it from the Monument to Lost Light.

The Manticore Perks

1) Arrowhead Brake (Barrel)

The Manticore has a lightly vented barrel.

  • Greatly controls recoil
  • Increases handling speed

2) Ricochet Rounds (Magazine)

Rounds fired from The Manticore ricochet off hard surfaces.

  • Increases stability
  • Slightly increases range

3) Swooping Talons (Trait)

Dealing damage while airborne increases The Manticore’s damage output.

4) Fitted Stock (Stock)

The Manticore’s stock makes it stable but heavy.

  • Increases stability
  • Moderately controls recoil
  • Slightly decreases handling speed

The Manticore Intrinsic Traits

Soaring Fang

Dealing Damage while grounded charges antigrav repulsors and dealing damage while airborne extends antigrav repulsors.

Antigrav repulsors will allow players to stay airborne for a longer amount of time, allowing them to take advantage of the increased airborne damage.

This passive will be activated once you are airborne and have hit an enemy, showing the weapon expanding and glowing, meaning the antigrav repulsors are activated.

To land when antigrav repulsors have been activated, you simply need to stop damaging enemies or wait for the ability to end.

You will see the charge of the antigrav repulsors on your hud, which shows how often you will be able to use the passive.

How to Unlock The Manticore Catalyst?

The Manticore Catalyst is unlocked by completing the Volantes Violentiam Exotic Quest, which can be obtained by speaking to Banshee-44.

You will need to use The Manticore during certain quest steps to obtain the Flying Monster catalyst, which upgrades the weapon to Masterwork.

Flying Monster provides you with a buff that improves your resistance when you deal final blows while you are airborne.


The Manticore is something new and unique, providing players with a new way of shredding enemies while being mobile.

It gives you the feeling of acting as an attack helicopter, soaring above the ground while laying down ricocheting rounds to get rid of your opponents.

This weapon can be used strategically and when paired with the right equipment, it can be an excellent way to put groups of enemies down in seconds.

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