Destiny 2 How to Get Edge of Concurrence

Destiny 2 Edge of Concurrence (Glaive)An echo of an ancient weapon, forged from a memory of ambition.

The Edge of Concurrence is an Exotic Glaive meant to be used by the Hunter Class, which contains lightning properties.

This Exotic Glaive can fire 80 rounds per minute when used as a ranged weapon and holds a magazine of 6 rounds.

Using the Edge of Concurrence will allow its user to release chain lightning when they generate enough energy.

How To Get Edge of Concurrence?

You can obtain the Edge of Concurrence by crafting it at the Relic (Resonance Engine) located at The Enclave on Mars.

This will require that you have unlocked its pattern and that you are using the Hunter class to craft the Exotic Glaive.

Edge of Concurrence Stats




Shield Duration



Reload Speed


Rounds Per Minute



Edge of Concurrence Perks

1) Lightweight Emitter (Haft)

Weight reduction for better agility.

  • Increases reload speed
  • Slightly increases handling speed
  • Decreases shield duration

2) Alloy Magazine (Magazine)

Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.

3) Lightning Seeker (Trait)

When Edge of Concurrence energy is full, consume it before firing to make your next shot track targets across the ground and unleash chain lightning on impact.

4) Fitted Stock (Stock)

This stock makes Edge of Concurrence stable but heavy.

  • Increases stability
  • Moderately controls recoil
  • Slightly decrease handling speed

Intrinsic Traits

Edge of Concurrence

The Edge of Concurrence is a Hybrid melee/ranged polearm with a frontal shield that generates energy on dealing ranged damage.

This allows you to use its frontal shield to block incoming attacks and when dealing ranged damage, you will generate energy.

The energy generated may be used to activate Lightning Seeker, allowing you to consume energy to fire a shot that tracks enemies and unleashes chain lightning.


No Catalyst

The Edge of Concurrence seems to be missing a catalyst slot and it may be safe to say that it currently has no unlockable catalyst.


Edge of Concurrence is capable of protecting its user with a frontal shield and generates energy for Lightning Seeker when dealing ranged damage.

This allows you to consume the energy whenever you want to cause your next attack to track enemies and release chain lighting.

A good way to eliminate enemies easily would be to deal with continuous shots and release the Lightning Seeker attack when possible.

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