How To Get BrayTech Werewolf (2022) in Destiny 2

The BrayTech Werewolf is a Legendary Auto Rifle that was introduced and made available during the Festival of the Lost event.

It features a Precision Frame which makes it easier to control the recoil of the weapon to get more accuracy and land hits when firing at enemies.

D2 Festival of the Lost 2022

This Auto Rifle deals a moderate amount of damage and has a decent fire rate, making it a situational weapon when fighting almost any enemy.

How To Get BrayTech Werewolf?

You may obtain the BrayTech Werewolf during the Festival of the Lost event by participating in any of the Haunted Sectors.

This weapon has a chance to drop at any time and shares the same drop table as the other weapons in the Festival of the Lost.

D2 BrayTech Werewolf“The right weapon can transform you.”

The BrayTech Werewolf may have different rolls every time you obtain it, which makes it possible to grind the best stats that suit your preference.

BrayTech Werewolf Lore

There is currently no lore available when you are viewing the BaryTech Werewolf and it is uncertain that this may be changed later in the future.

BrayTech Werewolf Perks

Stats on the BrayTech Werewolf may change due to it being a Legendary Auto Rifle, which may be different each time you obtain one.

The BrayTech Werewolf can come as a Resonant Weapon, which will allow you to Shape it later, altering the stats as you please.

1) Search Party (Origin Trait)

This weapon is granted faster aim down the sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are nearby.

2) Precision Frame (Intrinsic Trait)

This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Since the recoil pattern of the BrayTech Werewolf can be predicted, this makes it easy for you to adjust your aim to ensure bullets hit enemies.

Using the right aim will allow you to make sure that all your bullets hit enemies accurately and can maximize your damage output.


The BrayTech Werewolf has a decent amount of damage and with its accuracy, you can easily take enemies down from almost any range.

Its recoil can be easy to adjust to and once you have gotten the hang of it, you can deal more damage to enemies by adjusting your aim.

Adding certain mods to the BrayTech Werewolf can make it more convenient to use, especially when you plan to use it against a certain type of enemy.

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