Countermeasures Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Battle Avionic Countermeasures

Countermeasures deploys a number of flares which expand outward from the Railjack and remain in their spots until the ability ends.

The flares will draw enemy homing projectiles towards them which will allow the Railjack to have more safety when fighting enemies or evading them.

Countermeasures has a low amount of drain, even at max rank and can be used for survivability and even to protect allies that are in Archwing mode by drawing the projectiles towards them.

Normal enemy weapons will not be drawn to the flares, making it mainly useful for enemies in stronger levels which posses weapons that home in on targets.

Countermeasures Rank Stats


Unranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)

Flares Deployed



Countermeasures Drop Location

Countermeasures can be obtained from Elite Exo Taktis in the Veil Proxima, Elite Gyre Cutter in the Saturn Proxima and supposedly Elite Kosma Cutter which should spawn in the Earth Proxima.

Since Elite enemies spawn more often in higher level missions, it is better to either farm the higher level mission in the Saturn Proxima or the Veil Proxima.

Countermeasures can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Elite Exo Taktis (Rare)
  • Elite Gyre Cutter (Rare)
  • Elite Kosma Cutter (Rare)

Countermeasures Farming

Since Gian Point is in the Veil Proxima and has no additional objectives, it is a great place to farm Countermeasures but it is also farmable in the higher missions in the Saturn Proxima such as Kasio’s Rest.

Solo farming can be done in the Saturn Proxima as enemies are at a moderate level while Gian Point is better provided you can handle the enemies or if you have a squad with you.


  • Using Countermeasures is useful when avoiding several enemies as it reduces the number of projectiles that can hit the Railjack.
  • When allies are in Archwing mode, deploying flares nearby can help protect them so they can either head to crew ships, objectives or fight enemies while in Archwing mode.
  • Flares can be deployed while escaping enemies so that you can recover much quicker as your shields and Railjack health will be able to replenish once no damage has been taken.
  • Since the drain on Countermeasures is low, it can be a great addition to your arsenal and be used for defensive purposes and even to get a clear shot to distract projectiles from hitting you.