Fiery Phoenix Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Battle Avionic Fiery Phoenix

Upon activation of Fiery Phoenix will cause the Railjack to become engulfed in flame, leaving a trail of fire as it travels.

Enemies that come in contact with the flames will take damage per second as long as they remain in contact.

The ability will cost 50 Flux Energy to activate and will continuously drain 5 per second until the ability is deactivated.

While Fiery Phoenix is active, damage will be accumulated and will be released in a radius around the Railjack when the ability is toggled off or when Flux Energy has run out.

The trail of fire will last for a few seconds and will continuously be led out, following the path that the Railjack has travelled regardless of the direction.

Multiple enemies will be affected and can easily be taken out when they follow the trail, allowing you to either use the ability to chase enemies down or escape while dealing damage.

The damage reduction and speed boost apply as soon as the ability is active and will remain until turned off.

Fiery Phoenix Rank Stats

Damage Per Second



Accumulated Damage

Explosion Radius100125150175200225250


Speed Boost

Damage Reduction10152022242628





Fiery Phoenix Drop Location

Since Fiery Phoenix only drops from Exo Outrider and Elite Exo Cutter fighters, the only practical place for it to drop is in the Veil Proxima.

Gian Point is a great place to farm Fiery Phoenix as there are no additional objectives other than to destroy the fighters and crew ships.

Fiery Phoenix can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Elite Exo Cutter (Rare)
  • Exo Outrider (Rare)

Fiery Phoenix Farming

Destroying enemies in Veil Proxima missions as fast as possible is the best way to clear them in order to repeat them until Fiery Phoenix is obtained.

Forming a squad and doing Gian Point will make it easier to obtain Fiery Phoenix as a group can clear the mission quickly and there will be no other objectives that need to be done.


  • Using Fiery Phoenix can prolong the time that the Railjack may last in a straight up fight as the damage reduction allows you to take more hits while the speed boost helps you maneuver.
  • Enemies following the Railjack are sure to take damage and those who are escaping can be outrun, causing them to get caught up in the flames as you pass them by.
  • Using an ability to hold the enemies in a spot such as Tether or Void Hole make the ability easy to use and you can simply circle or pass through enemies that are immobilized.
  • When being chased by enemies, moving in revers with Fiery Phoenix active can be a great way to damage enemies with the added bonus of shooting them with turrets or Ordnances.