Blackout Pulse Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Battle Avionic Blackout Pulse

Blackout Pulse is an ability that fires a projectile that explodes and releases an electromagnetic pulse upon impact with an enemy or when manually detonated.

Enemies that are caught in the blast radius will have all their functions disabled and will fly dead stick in space, become easy targets.

When the Blackout Pulse projectile is manually detonated by activating the ability while the projectile is still travelling, the blast radius will increase.

Fighters will be completely useless when hit and will not be able to attack or maneuver, causing them to float aimlessly or spin out of control towards the direction they were last heading.

Blackout Pulse may be used repetitively by manually detonating each projectile and firing again which can help disable multiple groups of enemies.

Enemies may collide with the projectile as well as the projectile may hit objects, forcing it to detonate.

Blackout Pulse Rank Stats

RankUnranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)7 (Grid)


Normal Radius100100100100100100100


Manual Detonation Radius



Blackout Pulse Drop Location

Blackout Pulse drops from either Elite Exo Taktis which spawn in the Veil Proxima or from Gyre Taktis which spawn in the Saturn Proxima.

Gian Point can spawn several Elite Exo Taktis but other missions work as well but may have additional objectives while all the missions in the Saturn Proxima have a good amount of Gyre Taktis.

Blackout Pulse can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Elite Exo Taktis (Rare)
  • Gyre Taktis (Rare)

Blackout Pulse Farming

If you can handle the missions in the Veil Proxima or if a squad is available to team up with, Veil Proxima can yield Blackout Pulse as well as other endgame drops

For solo farming or for those who are not yet prepared for the Veil Proxima, lower mission in the Saturn Proxima will can be quickly farmed.


  • Using Blackout Pulse on enemies will make them easy to take down after as they will stop functioning which you can take advantage of by focusing on other enemies or taking them out.
  • It is useful to lure enemies and release Blackout Pulse once they have compressed together so you can disable all of them at the same time.
  • When being chased by enemies, simply double tap the ability to release the projectile and immediately detonate it so that any enemies near you will be disabled, guaranteeing a safe escape.
  • The projectile travels quite a distance which allows you to fire it from afar and disable enemies as you boost your way towards them when going for the kill.