Hidden Erra Quest Guide in Warframe

Warframe Erra Quest

The Erra quest is a hidden quest which appears in the Veil Proxima every few hours before it disappears and reappears on another node.

A objective that instructs you to inspect an anomaly will appear when you play on the specific node that the alert is on which can also be seen by a blinking red signal when viewing the Veil Proxima.

Going through with the quest will unravel more about the lore in the game as well as give a blueprint for a sentient weapon that the player may build.

How To Get Erra Quest?

In order to start the Erra quest, one must simply wait for a blinking indicator on one of the missions/nodes in the Veil Proxima.

This will signal that a sentient ship is present and upon heading to the sentient ship, you will be able to explore it.

A Paracesis will be needed later on in order to push through with the quest and it deals a good deal of damage against sentients.

Erra Quest Requirements

Of course, the first thing you will need is access to the Veil Proxima and to the node that will have the anomaly in it.

The main requirement is actually bringing a Paracesis with you as you will need this to destroy a red crystal which will later on toggle the quest when you finish the mission.

Quest Walkthrough

You can only encounter the sentient ship when the anomaly is present and it is only within such occurrences that you can initiate the quest.

Keep a lookout every now and then in the star chart of Veil Proxima and check if there is a blinking node which means that the anomaly is present in that mission.

Once you see a blinking node, start that mission and you will have the sentient ship spawn in that map.

At the start of the mission, Cephalon Cy will state that there is an anomaly and you must “Investigate and disrupt” it.

Carry out through the mission like any other Railjack mission you would do but be extra careful to not use up your revives as the sentients may be quite challenging and you will need all the extra lives you can get.

Once you have cleared up all your other objectives, make your way towards the sentient ship by Archwing or with your Railjack.

In your Archwing, head out to the sentient ship and approach the front where an entrance may be found.

There will be no enemies on the outer side of the ship so just keep flying straight to the inside and head for the middle where you will see a glowing red entrance.

As you come closer a quest marker will appear that shows where you are to go to get inside the ship which you will continue heading towards.

The entrance will open up and you will have the option to enter the ship just as you would with Grineer crew ships.

Once you are inside, things will appear very different and the place will be like a broken map which you must travel across.

Your objective will be to kill 20 sentients which is similar to and exterminate mission, having a red marker show you where to go to find the enemies.

You may come across containers that you may destroy that will give certain kinds of loot that you would find during Railjack missions as well.

Be sure to destroy these for an extra gain in resources as an addition to whatever you got throughout the mission.

Make your way throughout the map and kill the sentients in order to progress with the mission and keep following the waypoint until the objective is complete.

Take note that there will be “Immunodes” located around the area which you must destroy in order to defeat the sentients nearby.

Immunodes, as their name sounds, causing enemies nearby them to become immune and will prevent you from killing the sentients until destroyed.

After killing 20 sentients, the mission will be complete and the extraction marker will show a way towards your ship.

At this point you may plan on teleporting back but hold that thought as there is something you need to do before going back.

Follow the marker as it will lead you to a room where there is a large red crystal guarded by the sentients.

Kill the sentients around you and approach the red crystal as you will need to destroy this to proceed with activated the Erra quest.

Shatter the crystal with your Paracesis as this is the only weapon that can damage it and afterwards you can head back to your ship.

Once the red crystal has been shattered and you have returned to your Railjack, head back to your Drydock.

When you reach your Drydock, head back to your orbiter and you will notice that a quest has been added which instructs you with the objective to investigate personal quarters.

Make your way to your personal quarters and approach Lotus’ helmet which you will need to interact with.

To continue with the mission, interact with the helmet and a cutscene will play which shows a flashback of the events of what happened during The Old War.

During the flashback you will witness certain events such as the downfall of the Orokin as well as how the Lotus and the operators fought back.

After the flashback, you will be brought to the present where your operator will witness a scene where Lotus is not in her sentient form and the unraveling of what is occurring during the present time.

The scene will end and the quest will be finished, granting you a reward for completing the hidden quest.

Erra Quest Reward

After completing the Erra quest, you will receive the Shedu blueprint as a reward which you can later on craft once you have farmed all of the remaining parts.

Farming Shedu Parts

Shedu components or parts may be farmed by finding more anomalies and doing the sentient ship objective again.

This is the only place where you can farm the parts and they drop from a specific enemy in the ship.

The Symbilyst is an enemy which appears to also use a weapon similar to the Shedu weapon and will drop either the Shedu Barrel, Shedu Chassis, Shedu Handle and Shedu Receiver by chance.

The Shedu parts share a common drop rate and as common drops, there is a high chance for you to get them which means doing the mission a few times can guarantee you completing all the parts withing 6 – 10 tries if you get lucky.

Shedu market prices may vary but can be bought from other players if one is willing to trade up with platinum.


  • It is advisable to finish all other objectives before you proceed to the sentient ship to avoid your Railjack getting destroyed.
  • For those that are more focused on Shedu farming, you may instead leave your ship very far away from the enemies until nothing is agreed and head straight for the sentient ship to kill the sentients where you may either abort the mission if no parts dropped so you may repeat it.
  • Paracesis is required for the Erra quest but when farming for Shedu parts, you may bring other weapons with you.
  • Bring a Warframe that can survive high amounts of damage or that can avoid taking damage as the enemies will be level 80 – 90 and can easily kill those who are unprepared.
  • It is better to take a team with you to finish the mission faster instead of soloing which can end up with you doing less runs since there is a short time before the anomaly is gone.
  • For the stats and builds for the Shedu weapon, visit our Shedu Weapon Build.