Diablo 4 Grave Dust (How to Get & Uses)

In the world of Sanctuary, the dead walk the earth and what remains of them can sometimes be collected and used for other purposes.

One of the materials that you can find while playing Diablo 4 is Grave Dust, a Magic Crafting Material that has several uses later when you have access to an Alchemist.

Grave Dust may be obtained often if you know which type of enemies you need to search for, mainly those who are undead.

Diablo 4 Grave Dust

About Grave Dust

Grave Dust is a result of the long exposure to the undead which has caused this dust to become imbued with their inverse vitality.

This is commonly used in necromantic alchemies but does have its uses when it comes to crafting certain items that are useful to you.

How To Get Grave Dust?Killing undead enemies Horror Captain to get Grave Dust

Grave Dust can be obtained by killing undead enemies and there will be a chance that they will drop this material once they have been slain.

There is a higher chance for these to drop when you defeat stronger enemies and at higher World Tiers, they become more common.

Undead enemies consist of zombies, skeletons, and whatever else is considered to be undead, including vampires.

Grave Dust Farming

Grave Dust can easily be farmed by heading to areas where there are several undead enemies present in an area, especially dungeons that have multiple groups.

Elite enemies are great for farming Grave Dust as they tend to drop this crafting material more often than the standard enemies that you come across.

One of the best places to farm Grave Dust is the Kor Dragan Barracks because you can find skeletons, zombies, and vampires all in one place.

Grave Dust Uses

Grave Dust is required when you progress to Level 70 as well as Level 90, which is when you can upgrade your Healing Potions to become more potent.

At Level 70, you will be able to upgrade your Healing Potion to a Greater Healing Potion while Level 90 allows you to upgrade it to a Superior Healing Potion. (Both need Crushed Beast Bones)

Aside from Healing Potions, Crushed Beast Bones are also needed to craft the following consumables at the Alchemist:


  • Elixir of Shadow Resistance
  • Strong Elixir of Shadow Resistance
  • Potent Elixir of Shadow Resistance
  • Heady Elixir of Shadow Resistance
  • Precision Elixir
  • Strong Elixir
  • Potent Elixir
  • Heady Elixir
  • Elixir of Undead-Slaying
  • Elixir of Magic Resist
  • Elixir of Death Evasion (Hardcore)


  • Sage’s Whisper
  • Reddamine Buzz
  • Chorus of War


Grave Dust may not seem like much when you are first starting with a character since they can survive well on their own but later on you will need consumables.

With a lot of Grave Dust in stock, you can craft different elixirs and incense that can be vital to your survival which is good that it is easy to obtain.

The more you progress with a character and move to higher World Tiers, the better the chance you can get more Grave Dust to drop.

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