Railjack Customization Guide

Warframe Railjack Customization

There is nothing more fun about destroying your enemies and flying through outer space than to do it in style and with the Railjack Customization menu, you get to set your Railjack up visually just how you prefer it to be.

Just like with your Warframe, your Railjack can also be customized in a certain amount of ways which you have access to the moment it is complete.

Everything from the customization sections is purely cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the ship but rather on change how it looks.

Exterior Customization

The exterior part of the ship may be customized to your liking and you can not only change the colors but you can also add more designs to the Railjack.

Rename Railjack

For those who want to give their Railjack its own name just like in other traditional games where you name vehicles that you ride.

Selecting the rename Railjack option will open up a window that allows you to type the name you want for it.

You may change the name at any time that you like whenever you like it but be sure to refrain from putting inappropriate words to avoid getting into trouble.

The name that you have chosen for your Railjack will appear on the side and is visible to those who are nearby to see it.

Regardless of using lowercase or uppercase letters, the name on the ship will be displayed in all uppercase letters.


As an addition to being able to have your Railjack’s name labeled on it, you may also place decals on it which are selectable from the glyphs that you currently have unlocked.

You will have access to glyphs that you have previously unlocked and may also purchase others with platinum if you prefer to do so.

Once selected, the decals will be applied to both sides of your Railjack for everyone to see based on the glyph you have chosen to use.

Railjack Skins

Aside from the normal look that you have of the Railjack that you own, there are also different skins for you to choose from.

The skills will change the overall outside look of your Railjack but the inside of it will be the same which is more of a cosmetic option for those who want their ship to be different.

There are currently 2 different skins to choose from to change the look of the Railjack which are:

Caballero Railjack Skin (225 Platinum)

The Caballero Railjack skin appears to be similar to the original but with a more traditional twist when ti comes to the design, giving the ship a unique shape and design.

Sungem Railjack Skin (225 Platinum)

The Sungen Railjack skin changes the shape of the ship completely and gives it a more mystical look about it, changing its design from the original shape to an all new sophisticated design.

Wear & Tear

The wear and tear feature in the customization for the Railjack allows you to add a design to the ship that shows the ship’s deterioration.

You can adjust a slider which will adjust the appearance of the ship from looking brand new when the slider is on the left and looking war torn and deteriorated when on the right.


Just like with your Warframes, you can customize the colors of certain parts of you Railjack and may choose from the colors from the palettes that you own.

The following are parts of the Railjack which colors may be changed:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Accents
  • Engines
  • Secondary Color
  • Primary Text Color
  • All Colors

Interior Customization

As of the now, the customization for the interior of the Railjack is limited to only color but until further updates it is unsure what else will be added.

The color of the interior of the Railjack may be changed for the following parts inside:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Accents
  • Detail Lightning
  • All Colors