Diablo 4 The Sealed Door Quest Walkthrough

While within the confines of Kyovashad, you stumble upon a Strange Beggar who rejects the coin that you offer and instead asks for something else.

The Strange Beggar asks you to listen to what he has to say as he believes that evil forces are planning to do something that can cause a calamity.

You will need to head over to the location where a sealed door is said to be found as the Strange Beggar mentioned that someone is trying to open it.

The Sealed Door (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get The Sealed Door Quest?

You may begin The Sealed Door Side Quest by speaking with the Strange Beggar, who can be found in Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks.

The Sealed Door Quest ObjectivesSlaying all the monsters while searching for the sealed door location

1) Search for the Sealed Door

You will need to head to the location where the Sealed Door is meant to be and find out what is trying to open it up.

This will require that you head to The Deep White and search the marked area for the Sealed Door, which will later reveal a more accurate location when you are nearby.

2) Slay the monsters at the Sealed Door

As you approach the location where the Sealed Door is, there will be monsters around it, and you will need to slay all of them.

3) Slay the Khazra attempting to breach the Sealed Door

As you go nearer to the Sealed Door, you will find a Khazra (Half man, half goat) creature in the area who appears to be trying to open it.

4) Defeat the Death Priest

After killing the nearby monsters, you will need to kill a Death Priest which will prevent them from opening the door, completing the quest.

Sealed Door LocationSealed Door Location is northern part of marked area in the map

The Sealed Door can be found in the northern part of the marked area, and this is also where the Death Priest and other monsters need to be killed.

Sealed Exorcist’s CacheFound Sealed Exorcist’s Cache which is dropped by the monsters while searching for the sealed door

While you are on your way to the Sealed Door, you may stumble upon monsters in the area who drop a Sealed Exorcist’s Cache in The Deep White.

The Sealed Exorcist’s Cache is a quest item needed for the Exorcist’s Cache Side Quest, which later requires you collect Spirit Anima from undead enemies.

The Sealed Door Rewards

After you have killed the Death Priest and have stopped the Sealed Door from being opened, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • 1 Leather Cache


The Strange Beggar in Kyovashad was right and no one tried to listen to him when he was trying to warn the people there.

Luckily, you dropped by and offered your ear to him, and with the information provided, you put a stop to the breach.

No one is certain what could have happened if the Sealed Door had been opened but it’s good that it will remain closed, for now.

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