Tips & Guide to Win Fortnite Solo

Are you tired of landing at the wrong place and at the wrong time in Fortnite? Have you ever had the experience wherein you’ve scavenged for several items only to get a headshot a few minutes later? Don’t you hate it when you prematurely go back to the main screen? If you said “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fortnite is a game requiring plenty of hard work, perseverance, and, most importantly, patience. A creative mind can also help you in standing at the top as you look down upon the hill filled with glowing lights of the players you’ve killed. Unlike other Battle Royale titles, Fortnite excels in its solo player mode.

In this post, we’re here to give you tips on how to win Fortnite solo. Remember, the following tips aren’t magic pills. You still have to do due diligence in enhancing your Fortnite expertise through practice. Still, these techniques will help you gain the upper hand in different scenarios.

Choosing a Landing Spot

Playing with a group in Fortnite can let you have a better chance of surviving in popular locations like Tilted Towers due to better support and backup. However, it doesn’t work well when you play solo. In solo mode, hardcore players immediately pick the most popular location to earn kills and get better gears faster. It means the chance of surviving in these certain locations are very slim.

Pick a good landing spot without crowds. You can jump out of the bus at a later time than the rest and choose a place that can give good weapons and gears. The best location to jump out would be the following:

Moisty Mire/Prison

The Moisty Mire is by far the best place to land for solo players. When we are talking about prison, that means it’s loaded with weapons and loot. If you are worried about other players having the same decision as you, this prison has tons of places where you can hide and camp. The area is loaded with multiple loot trees and materials good for building you can use later.

Tomato Town

On the southeast area of Anarchy Acres is the famous Tomato Tow. It has a huge restaurant and a nearby gas station. What’s famous about this town is the insane amount of metal you can mine while checking out some loots under the restaurant counter. However. stay alert for other enemies; once you mine metals from abandoned cars, some of them can trigger alarms.

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is known to have a lot of hidden loots which make it an eye-candy for hungry opponents. If you’re up for the challenge, Greasy Grove also has a gun shop which is the right place to get weapons and gears. Other than that, the Big Durrr Burger Fast Food restaurant will also have loot inside the counter or at the back.

Haunted Hills

From the latest update of Fortnite Battle Royale comes new map locations. This new update includes the Haunted Hills which is not too crowded compared to the older locations on the map. Once you head your way to the Haunted Hills, race to the Mausoleum and search for hidden chests. If you are lucky to get the sniper rifle, the main building has a good view from the tower that overlooks the area which is a great location to earn kills.

Wailing Woods Northeast Tower

The last place to land in Fortnite for solo players would be the Wailing Woods Northeast Tower. It has a large tower that overlooks the water around the area. Besides the view, the tower has one of the best places for finding chests and loot. Once you jump out of the bus, make your way down the structure by breaking floors to search. The ice cream truck nearby also has a few more chests.

Audio Cues

Listening to the audio cues is essential. Unlike having a group to assist you, playing solo means you have to be on alert at all times. Listen closely to any gunshots and footsteps made by enemies.

Make sure to have a good audio setup by turning the volume on or get a good pair of headphones instead of speakers. Once you hear an enemy closeby, conceal your location by hiding and avoid any unnecessary movement.

Building Materials

The most common material and easiest to build in Fortnite is wood. You can get it around the area and chop down trees. However, wood is fragile and can easily be torn down by enemies. Gathering materials during battle will help secure your defense. Aside from chopping wood, collect enough building materials like brick and metal to fortify defenses.

Using Stone or Metal

When the match is almost reaching its end, the Fortnite solo match will get more intense. With that being said, building a structure during this end phase can help increase your chances of survival. Instead of shooting low, build walls around you and do it until you get a better view of the surroundings. Doing this technique gives you enough time to heal and think of a better strategy to shoot down opponents.

When the enemy is near, use wooden structures to build faster. Just be quick because enemies can tear it down by shooting fast. While stone and metal is more resilient than wood, it takes a bit longer to build and are not advisable when enemies are close. Identify the location of the enemies first before before you decide which materials to use for better defense.

Shoot the Head

Just like how you would kill a zombie, the brain is the first and best way to take down the enemy fast. You take down enemies quick with a headshot and you won’t wasate precious bullets at the same time. Aiming for the head takes maximum damage and can even land an instant kill to your opponent.

With 100 players in the game, taking down the enemy faster will have enough ammo to spare for the next enemy to kill. If you have a bolt-action sniper rifle with limited ammo, save it when you get a good spot and view of the area. Wait for the right opportunity to pull the trigger to land a sure-hit to the enemy.

Plant Traps

Unlike PUBG, Fortnite has a different approach on how to catch enemies and get a kill. Traps, for example is one of the ways to take down enemies besides guns. The map has tons of buildings or you can fortify your own stronghold and surprise the enemies with the traps above the ceiling. Your enemies will never know what hit them.

Escape is Better

When you are in a pinch, it’s better to escape first and recover than to pull out all the stops and end the game earlier. Jump pads and Bouncers are at your disposal when you know you have a chance of losing. When up in the air there is less chances to take damage and opponents will just waste their ammo for nothing.

Don’t be afraid to run for cover when the going gets tough. If you’re low on health, look for a spot your opponents can’t reach you for the time being. Your enemies will know you’re trying to heal yourself and you can use that instance to your advantage. Break the walls of your hiding spot and do a 180-degree turn on their expectations. T-bagging after this point is optional.

Take Advantage of The Storm

Besides the shrinking map, random supply drops and firearms are plenty in Fortnite. The storm can be a pain in the neck but also a lifesaver when advancing to the next location. Use that chance to travel along the outskirts during the storm. You can also build structures to increase the difficulty of your enemies to escape from the shirking map. Use the storm to kill panicking enemies.

Recovery Items are a Must

During the battle, it cannot be avoided that enemies can land a bullet or two on you. In this case, recovery items are a must. Choose the right time when to take these recovery items is essential. Healing in Fortnite is time-consuming and you are vulnerable at this point. Place a shield, hide, or build walls when healing. All of these options help keep the enemies at bay. At the same time, you can fight with a better view once you finish healing.

After reading through these tips and tricks in playing Fortnite solo, you now have the knowledge to try and take down more enemies. Of course, knowledge of how to beat the game is nothing if you don’t apply what you’ve learned. The best way to get better at this popular Battle Royale title is to practice. In time, you’ll be keen on enemy patterns and use their movements to your advantage. Play to your heart’s content and you may even see yourself bumping fists with pro players like Ninja in a future tournament.

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