Warframe Star Days 2023 Guide (Offerings, Finding Ticker, Debt-Bonds)

Warframe Star Days Event

Love is in the air this February and it looks like Warframe has found its very own way to show a passion for this month.

The Star Days 2023 event has arrived and with its arrival, it looks like Ticker is the go-to person when it comes to celebrating the Warframe Valentine’s event.

While this event does not require a lot of work to be done, there are a ton of goodies that players such as yourself may get as the event remains.

The Star Days 2023 event will last from February 1 up till February 15 and afterward, the items will no longer be available until the next similar event or other ways.

Star Days Guide

Star Days are the equivalent of Valentine’s celebration in Warframe as it offers some items that players have not been able to get for some time.

This also includes new items that have never been seen before, which are mainly cosmetics and other things you can add to your Fashion Frame needs.

By visiting Ticker, you can purchase certain goods at the cost of Debt-Bonds, which are also easy to acquire as you progress through the game.

Star Days OfferingsWarframe Star Days Ticker

Certain items are now available from Ticker while the event is going and you should hurry up as soon as possible to collect everything you will want to get your hands on.

The following are all of the Star Days 2023 Offerings that you can purchase for Debt-Bonds during the event:

  • Eros Wings Ephemera (35 Training Debt-Bond)
  • Cherub Tileset (25 Familial Debt-Bond)
  • Ticker Floof (10 Familial Debt-Bond)
  • Neon Eros Wings Orbiter Decoration (10 Familial Debt-Bond)
  • Left Hand of Eros (10 Familial Debt-Bond)
  • Right Hand of Eros (10 Familial Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Deimos Glyph (15 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Gauss Glyph (5 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Helminth Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Lavos Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Necramech Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Erros Arrow Skin (1 Training Debt-Bond)
  • Snipetron Blueprint (10 Advances Debt-Bond)
  • Ignis Wraith Blueprint (25 Advances Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Grineer Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Yareli Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Ordis Glyph (15 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Acceltra Solstice Skin (5 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Skiajati Solstice Skin (5 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Kuva Solstice Cloak (5 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Frostfall Ephemera (5 Medical Debt-Bond)
  • Revenant In Action Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Protea In Action Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Xaku In Action Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Gyre Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Kavat Glyph (10 Shelter Debt-Bond)
  • Star Days Ticker Glyph (15 Medical Debt-Bond)

Where To Find Ticker?

Ticker can be found in Fortuna, which is on Venus and you can fast travel to the location as long as you have unlocked it.

You may find Ticker on the left side on top of a platform when you enter Fortuna or may simply head over to him by fast-traveling.

You may speak with Ticker to purchase the Star Days Offerings as well as acquire Debt-Bonds, a currency for buying the event items from him.

How To Get Debt-BondsWarframe Star Days Ticker Bonds

There are 3 ways in which you can obtain Debt-Bonds, one of the main ones being that you purchase them from Ticker.

Ticker will sell Debt-Bonds which can be purchased with certain resources, which may be different each time for a different type and amount of Debt-Bonds.

Aside from buying them from Ticker, you may also obtain Debt-Bombs by doing bounties as well as defeating the Profit-Taker Orb.


Warframe always finds a way to celebrate some of the real-life events in their ways and Star Days is one of the unique ways they have decided to show for Valentine’s.

Some of the weapons are not obtainable easily and it would be a good idea to get your hands on the Ignis Wraith and Snipetron.

Most of the items are skins for show or collectibles that are worth getting your hands on if you have a lot of Debt-Bonds.

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