Warframe Dog Days 2022 Event

Warframe Dog Days

Ever imagine summer in Warframe? Well things have certainly turned into a beach party on Earth as a new event has come!

Warframe Dog Days is a tactical alert that just came out on June 9th which features a different kind of arena for you to battle in.

You will definitely want to check it out as there are rewards available and the event only lasts 20 days (will run until June 29th at 2 p.m. ET.) so hurry up, Tenno and get ready to dive into the fray.

Warframe Dog Days 2022 Event Rewards

  • Dog Days Night Scene
  • Dog Days Kavat Glyph
  • Dog Days Kubrow Glyph
  • Furax Wraith Blueprint
  • Soaker Ephemera*

In addition to the new Glyphs and Ephemera, we have a new day/night cycle for you to test your water gun skills in.

Earn enough Nakak Pearls and you can have your very own Dog Days Night Captura scene to extend all your summer fun while aiming for that perfect shot.

*This Ephemera is a permanent addition to your Arsenal once purchased from Nakak!

How to Play Warframe Dog Days Event?

From Navigation, select the Dog Days Tactical Alert missions under the Event tab to be transported to a sandy beach arena.

Warframe Event Tab

In the beach arena, there are no Mods, Companions, or Abilities. It’s a fun hosedown where the team (Tenno vs. Grineer) with the most soaks before the timer runs out wins the event.

If your Soaktron runs out of water you can refill it by passing through water fountains dotted across the map. But be wary as your opponents are always on the hunt for you.

Each Tactical Alert mission rewards Nakak Pearls and the following once completed:

Mission 1: 50,000 Credits + Redeemer Abysso Skin 
Mission 2: 50,000 Credits + Hydroid’s Relay Scene 
Mission 3: 50,000 Credits + Hydroid Noggle Statue 
Mission 4: Orokin Reactor + Stratos Emblem 

After completing Mission 4, you start collecting Nakak Pearls for each enemy you soak to smithereens. Nakak Pearls can be exchanged at Nakak in Cetus for extra Rewards, including Floofs, Captura Scenes, and more.


Remember the event only lasts for 20 days so it would be best to do the tactical alert as soon as possible whether you prefer solo or with a team because those freebies are pretty good.

Don’t forget to check out the items sold by Nakak as they might be of interest to you.

Be sure to tell your buddies about the event so they can catch up on the rewards, enjoy the event and be ready to get wet and wild!

Image Credit: Warframe.com

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